Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Pretties ~ Butterfly ~

 is simply amazing!

Selfie recently received the gift of live caterpillars
What surprised me is that I found myself lurking over these pods
waiting for what would happen next.

They certainly don't start out very pretty
actually it's pretty darn disgusting.. 

But then.....
something happens

and you get to witness something that is truly amazing
and beautiful!

Happy Friday!!!!

Linking up today with  Friday Pretties


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy Pretty Friday too, Leslie! xx

Jane said...

How cool for her to watch them grow and change! Thanks for sharing, Leslie! :)

Gloria said...

Hi Leslie,
I am visiting via Joyce's blog for the Friday Pretties. You have a very pretty blog, I love all of your pink colors! Very beautiful butterflies too!
Happy Friday!
@}`~}~~~ Gloria

Silver Strands said...

Hi Leslie - found you thru Joyce (I'm also participating in Friday Pretties). This is a great post - isn't the cycle of life simply amazing?!

simpledaisy said... sweet:)

Country Dreaming said...

Really cool--I love butterflies.
Have fun!

I see you have made some changes.
I thoughtI was a follower? I better sign on as one!


koralee said...

Very cool...we do this in grade 5 with our students..they love to watch your blog..and happy Friday!

Frau said...

Wow that is so cool! Have a wonderful weekend.

Rough Edges Pottery said...

Great blog! Aren't butterflies neat? Thanks for visiting my other blog Dixieland Blessings. Hope you will stop by this one also sometime. Have a great blessed weekend!!