Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cake decorating class

Since I have dreams of this... 

And of this...

I am learning something new.

 I started a Wilton cake decorating class at  Michael's Arts and Crafts,
..the worlds greatest store.

Big Fun!!!

This is the kit that I purchased for the class
It is filled with all kinds of icing bags, tips, couplers, patterns, etc

In this first of 4 basic Beginner decorating classes
I learned  a lot about tools and techniques.

 The teacher was very informative
and gave tips and instructions that were very easy to follow. 

We learned a few new recipes for making different textures of Icing.

The cake leveler

Have any of you ever used a cake leveler?
This thing is amazing
I had never seen it used before
First, the instructor used it  to cut off the uneven top of the cake.
The wire went through the cake like melted butter and made a perfect cut.
She  moved  the wire higher and used it again to slice the cake in half.
Michael's sells this thing for less the $4.00

Another trick that she taught us
 was to put a little icing on the center of the bottom of the cake
 to  icing/glue the cake to the plate


She crumb-coated the cake
Do you know what that is?
At this point I was feeling like a big ole cake dummy..
I had no clue.
Basically it's just a super thin coat of icing that you put over the cake 
(refrigerate for about 15 minutes)
and it prevents your cake from loosing crumbs and messing up your pretty icing. 


She used a huge 789 icing tip and bag to icing the entire cake.

And then she smoothed it around with a cake spatula.

 Our first 2 hrs were jam packed with information.

I couldnt' sleep all night..
I love learning new stuff!!!

Next week we will  work on  decorating our own cakes..
we will learn flowers, trim, writing, transferring patterns

Cupcakes and cookies will happen in the following weeks. 

I recommend this class to everyone!

Gotta get ready for work now! 
Have a great Wednesday Everyone!


Jane said...

This looks like a blast, Leslie!! I love to play around with my kidders birthday cakes. Maybe next time I'll farm that job out to you!! But wait....then I'd have to go to Baltimore to pick it up...maybe that's not such a good plan... Glad you're having so much fun. Can't wait to see what else you learn!

Lisa said...

this entry is so awesome....i always wondered how they put icing in the middle of the cake.....i am so tickled you are able to take this class and hope you'll share more with us as you learn more!

June said...

I have pondered taking this class at Michael's but just know my butt would get bigger!! I love you sharing these inside tips though, Thanks!

Katharine said...

How great, and fun... if I was there, I'd take it with you! We're breezing in and out this weekend, on the quickest trip imaginable just hub and I(don't know what it is not to have the kids, we've never done it!)Can't wait for more cake tips! Have a great day!

Country Dreaming said...

How much fun for you.
My friend and I used to decorae cakes on the side when we were
in high school. We had a lot of fun.
She still does a lot for family and friends. I don't do so much anymore.

Have a lot of fun.


Melanie said...

I used to work at a Michael's a long long time ago and one of my favorite things was peeking into the Wilton classes. Everybody always seemed like they were having great fun, it SMELLED great, and (this is the really great part) the teacher would leave the sample cake in the break room after class for the employees to eat. lol

Cassie said...

This sounds like too much fun. Hmm...maybe I'll join in? I love decorating treats! Have fun on your flowers!