Tuesday, June 29, 2010

an awesome surprise

Yesterday I had to serve Jury Duty.
I get called for jury duty every year
I suppose it's because there are not many nonfellons left in Baltimore city

After repeatedly going and waiting
I finally got picked for a jury
Juror #12 please stand and raise your right hand...

The case was about a drug dealer
who was caught selling crack cocaine to two people
in front of an Elementary school.
We listened to the opening case
To the arresting officer
This  creep was caught.
and what happened..
The key witness (Police Chemist) didn't show up for court
and the case was dismissed.
At this very moment I can almost guarantee that the drug dealing creep is back in business!

What a sad waste of time and tax payer money!

When I came home from my long day of jury duty I found a surprise waiting for me.  A package from my very first blogging friend, whom I actually met about 5 years ago when I started  my AOL Journal.   I have always said this about the journal/bogs...  I am blessed to have met so many wonderful friends through them.
This friend, ( Mrs Clooney)  knows how much I LOVE Halloween!!!    Thank you very much Mrs Clooney for thinking of me ~  I absolutely love these and can't wait to set my spooky table with them.    I am so glad that we are friends!  :  )

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!


Country Dreaming said...

Those are way tooo cute!
I was wondering for a minute why there was Halloween stuff on your blog.


~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Well you are about ready to get another package in the mail too. Please stop by my blog...you are a giveaway winner!


Sarah B said...

Hey, you've had a great day with you Halloween pressies and a giveaeway too!
I've never had to do jury duty (yet) but I hear it's a bit tedious. I'd probably get thrown off the dury for being too emotional!

June said...

Those are super cute napkin rings. Decorating for Halloween is a blast!

Jemm said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is SO maddening. That is really amazing the person didn't show up. Did they fear for their life??

Isn't it great the friends we meet here in blogland :) Super cute pumpkins.

Lee Ann said...

Surely that is part of that chemists job to attend? My husband is a forensic chemist and often has to give evidence in court. Even if it falls in a holiday , sometimes you can be excused but it is at the discretion of the procurator fiscal. he would be arrested if he Just didn't show up!

Glad your day wasn't a total bust and you received such a great gift! Xx

Pumpkin said...

OMG, OMG, OMG! I LOVE your pumpkin napkin holders!!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday in Florida :o) Beautiful weather.

It kind of makes you wonder sometimes why they even bother :o(

Lisa said...

truly, i am just glad you liked them. As soon as i saw them they said LESLIE, LESLIE to me....just perfect. And the price? Can you believe that? I knew you'd make a masterpiece out of them.

i seem to get called to jury duty every 2 yrs. What a shame that the chemist did not show and they wasted all your time.XO

p.s.--i LOVE the Mrs. Clooney, lol!