Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday on the Boat

Nothing is better then a shower
 a good dinner
and a fresh cup of coffee
....after a long day on the beach.

It was a beautiful Wednesday here in Baltimore
and since...
Papa Spoonful is on vacation for a few weeks,
I was off of work today,
Teen Spoonfuls summer courses don't start for another week,
...We let  Selfie Spoonful play hooky from school today
and we all hung out on the boat and beach.

It was tooo hot to sit in a classroom anyway!

I never get tired of days like these!
I think we'll do it again tomorrow!


Jemm said...

Can I come!?!? It looks absolutely beautiful there. I'd do it again too if I were you.

Country Dreaming said...

Oh!!!!! Not fair!!!!!!!

Looks like a great time though!


Frau said...

Hard to believe it is really summer in some places.Great pictures other than the snakes I'm totally jealous!Enjoy!

The Working Home Keeper said...

What a wonderful day! I think I could spend every day at the beach and never get tired of it!

Mary Ellen

Madelief said...

Hi Leslie,

It must be great to have a boat. Your day out sounds beautiful. The pictures show it! Good to see that your daughers still join you on your outings. With us it's getting more and more difficult ;-)!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Lisa said...

each pic shows HAPPINESS and WARMTH.....heaven on earth to be able to spend quality time with all the family. GOOD FOR YOU! XO

Jane said...

What a fabulous day, Leslie!! I'm jealous!