Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Dining room table

Sometimes the smallest things make me happy.
Like seeing my pretty red enamel pot filled with wild flowers.

Or when the table is set pretty
I found these cool plates on Ebay.   They were handmade and shipped from Italy.
I can't wait to serve up a yummy crisp summer dinner on them.  

I had to clip a few of our blooming hydrangeas.

Teal and red is my favorite color combination this season... 
Hence Darla's fancy feet.

I made a few blue (seashore) scented candles
to sit on the driftwood centerpiece

candles are super easy to make.  
 I do not have a double broiler so I just use an old pot to melt my block of wax.  
While melting on low heat, add fragrance and color

You can make a candle in almost any glass or tin can.
Wire your wicks in place so that they stay centered.
pour in melted wax
Let sit and harden

As for this beautiful Maryland Sunday..
I think we're beach bound.

Have a great day!!


Frau said...

Great beach table setting! Love your candles you made so cool! Have a wonderful start to summer and happy memorial day!

Lee Ann said...

oh I adore your table! everything looks so beautiful! well done ! I love every individual piece and and also it is perfect altoghether, painted claws and all lol xx

Melanie said...

You have blooms on your hydrangeas already? Lucky you!!! I'll be lucky if I see any before July. *pout*

Awesome candles!!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Love the flowers and the candles, Leslie!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great new week! xx

Freckled Hen said...

I love everything--even the dog's toenails. The red enamel pot is my favorite...a touch of red in any room adds so much.
Your blog is so cheery!

Country Dreaming said...

Great tablescape and candles.
Love the dogs nails!

Sarah B said...

What a great colour combination - I especially like it on your dog's toenails!! What fun. The only way I can paint Molly's nails is to wait until she is asleep :)

Beach Vintage said...

Love the hydrangeas.

Lisa said...

you truly have a gift. What a gorgeous candle and a divine setting at the table and i love how the red boots sit near the table plus the red and then flowers? Perfect.