Saturday, May 29, 2010

Subliminal message and family fun

Photo overload
Subliminal message

Do you want Chocolate now?

Yesterday, while the weather was cool and overcast 
  our family went to Hershey Park ( Hershey PA)
to celebrate the start of the summer!

The day was perfect
The roller coasters were roaring
the air smelled of chocolate, baked sweets and mouth watering pit beef.

Take a stroll down Cocoa and Chocolate Avenues
and there are plenty of sights to see..

Of course we would stop to photograph Dale Jr's National Guard car.

Are you kidding me?!?

Can you smell it? 

We did lots of walking..

The Kissing Tower.
Thank god
At this point
 I was soooooooooooo craving  kisses.

No silly
Not that kind of kiss
Beautiful, wonderful, silver wrapped kisses. 
Oh Yes!
a Weight Watchers princesses nightmare!

Thankfully my pedometer said that I had taken
22 thousand steps

Lot of rides

crazy drivers

My girls are no doubt laughing at the silly boy (BOB) sitting next to me.
The faster the ride moved the more I was  forcefully pushed into him.
a teeny bit!
A whole lot!

Selfie was ready to ride EVERYTHING!

Ms Teen Spoonful was a very brave girl.
She never ever rides roller coasters
she hardly will get on ANY ride  
But this time she did...  
in fact, she got on lots of rides.
Maybe it was because she had strong Wolverrine  shoulders to lean on.

Going up....

Coming down!

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos
It's hard to take pictures when you are to busy
 screaming like a baby.

We all had CrAzY hair after that ride!

It was a fun day!!
We all had a great time.

So, here's my beef with the Hershey people.

Are you crazy?

It cost $10.00 to park the truck
We had discount coupons for $14.00 off per person
and it still cost us $194.00 for 5 people to enter the park.
You fill our nostrils with the most delicious scent of roasting chocolate
you fill our ears with subliminal chocolate jingles...

"Hershey's chocolate, Hershey's chocolate,
Hershey's Chocolate World,
Wherever you go,
 near or far,
You're always near a Hershey Bar.
Hershey's chocolate, real milk chocolate,
Hershey's -- the great American chocolate bar."

We are harassed by giant  Hershey bar and Reese Cup creatures
Everywhere we look...
We are surrounded by chocolate ( that is produced on site)
and you have the audacity to charge $1.75 for a stinkin Hershey bar!

Come on!!

"Hershey's Chocolate.
Hershey's Choco....."

Have a wonderful weekend!


Katharine said...

LOL- Looks like you had a great day! I can't believe how grown-up your second daughter is becoming!! I have to say, I'm glad I wasn't there...This weight watcher would have used up points for the entire month...Chocolate is my weakness!
Enjoy the weekend!

Country Dreaming said...

Oh, goodness---
How much fun but I'm with you.
How much!!!!!
Looks like fun though.


Frau said...

I went there when I was a child...I'll I remember is it smelt like chocolate! Wow that is expensive but I guess all amusement parks are now days. Have q wonderful weekend and that was a perfect start to summer!

Jane said...

lol...taking the family places like that is always so expensive!! But yes, your chocolate has made me hungry! Have a great day!

Lisa said...

though it was SOOOOO expensive it looks like fun fun fun and good times....i would have gained 5 lbs before i left the park! I love the pics!