Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day in the kitchen

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

It was a lovely day here in the Spoonful house.

Papa Spoonful and the girls treated me to some new bushes and flowers for my gardens.

I am excited to get planting!'

I went against all rules and spent most of Mother's Day in the kitchen.

It was chilly outside

And I was in the mood to bake.

I love working in my kitchen.

It's a happy place!

Especially when it's all neat and tidy.

This is my shelf of random jars.

I must have 5 sets of pretty canisters
and I've resorted to a cluster of glass jars for storage.
It was hard for me to find something to fill that shelf
and the jars worked out perfectly.

Chocolate time!

We decided on a chocolate Meringue pie

My meringue went a little flat..

I followed the directions..

what happened?

Flat meringue... blah.. who cares

It was yummy yummy!

And If you thought that was good

Our Mother's day dinner was even better .

My dinner request:

Steamed Crabs

The crabs were small
...but heavy

And full of delicious meat!


Our weekend was nice..

well, there were a few sour spots.

Friday.. after our beautiful day on the boat

and our dinner date with the crab cakes,

we came home to a badly flooded basement.

Our hot water heater went up and we have not had hot water since

It is being replaced tomorrow (monday) morning

Thank goodness!
Because I haven't had a real shower in two days.


Have a happy week yall!


Sarah B said...

Hi Leslie, gosh you have a lovely kitchen. It's so homey and full of comfort. I'd have to pass on the crabs but I'd definately try a piece of your pie!

Prairiemaid said...

I love you kitchen, too. It is cozy and lovely! No wonder you enjoy working there.

Sorry, about the basement and the hot water heater. These things pick the strangest times to go out.

I am now following.

Have a great week!

Katharine said...

So Sorry about your flood! Crabs!What a great choice for Mother's day... that would have been my choice if we had crabs here in the north! glad your weekend was wonderful...

June said...

I am so sorry to hear about the basement and water heater. What a bummer after a beautiful boating day.

You have a really cute kitchen! And I love the different canisters.

Country Dreaming said...

Hope not too much was ruined in the flood.
The pie looks delish!

Have a great Tuesday.


Beach Vintage said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Chocolate was a great idea!

Lisa said...

i hate it that your water heater died and hope you have the new one by now...i loved the quilt on the table in the other post and i love seeing your kitchen too. SO glad you enjoyed your mothers day. That pitcher is gorgeous! Love your jars too.