Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Red Boots

When you see these little red boots they are nothing spectacular.

Just an old scuffed pair of plastic boots.

To me these boots are irreplaceable.
 One of my most cherished possessions.

These boots have gone so  many places
and seen so many things.
Their journey began trudging through mounds of snow with a very young Miss Teen Spoonful.
And they carried on,
 stomping through water puddles with little Selfie Spoonful.

Miss Teen Spoonful 1993

If I look very closely
 I can see the scuff marks in the inside from the old tennis shoes. 

It took forever to get those boots on and comfortable over the shoes.
Getting them on was half of the battle
Getting them off...
 That was a whole different battle.   
You could pull the boot off
but the shoe would come off with it..
and it would take something short of a miracle
 to get the shoe out of the boot. 

If I listen
I can still hear the clopping of little feet carrying these bulky boots across the pavement.

Now the boots sit pretty.
They change with the seasons
Sometimes they have live herbs,
fresh Christmas greens.
Paper white lilies,
American flags,
or a simple bouquet of black eyed Susan's. 

What never changes is the love that I feel for these boots.
The memories they hold
and dreams that they carried.

They serve as a reminder of how quickly time passes
and a reminder to cherish each and every moment.

Happy Thursday!


Katharine said...

What a beautiful post! Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

Jemm said... sweet, Leslie. I'm realizing, myself, how quickly time is passing. Have a great day!

Madelief said...

Dear Leslie,

What a beautiful story straight from your heart about a pair of very special red boots :-)....and yes I do remember....ohhh to get these boots out...!!!

Happy weekend!

lieve groet, Madelief

Country Dreaming said...

What a cute pair of boots!
AND what memories they carry with them.
I remember friends having these but I don't think I did. Mom just bought regular ol' boots.
I was at a garage sale and picked up a little pair of cowboy boots which I'm sure hold true memories for someone but they didn't keep them--I guess we can't hold on to everything.
Happy Thursday to you.


It's me said...

Beautiful story !!!..................Happy Friday pretties !! hugs Ria.......Happy weekend !

myletterstoemily said...

precious story about sweet
memories made in pretty
red boots.

koralee said...

Oh how sweet your story is...those red boots are lovely...I would love a pair for me. Have a great weekend.