Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May

It was a beautiful 90 degree day here in Baltimore yesterday.

Selfie Spoonful captured the warm summer like day in photos.

She is quite the little photographer!

(Thank you Selfie for the beautiful pictures!)

Between the weight watchers, working out, and the cowboys.

I haven't given myself time for any fun!


being wrapped up with my friend Joan Johnston's ( Hawk's Way) cowboys ..

that's is fun.

Since I am on a roll and doing wonderful with my points counting and working out I haven't made any good sweets this week.

I hate looking at the empty cake dish sitting on my table


I don't want the temptation!

I have no self control over sweets.

Last week I bought a box if weight watcher brand 1 point chocolate peanut butter bars..

and ate them all in two days!

Since it is the begining of a new beautiful month I am giving myself a new to do list..
Through the Month of May I will try to:
1.) Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.
2.) Keep attending my WW meetings.
3.) Enjoy the outdoors
4.) read 4 books along with Teen Spoonful
Through the Month of May I will try not to:
1.) shop at Michaels for any craft supplies or decorations.
2.) Eat any fast food ~ which would be easy if I didn't love Taco Bell so much.
3.) stay up to late
Happy May Everyone!!!


Madelief said...

Dear Leslie,

A Happy May to you as well. Good luck with you to do list!! Keep up loosing those pounds!!!

Lieve groet, madelief

Katharine said...

Happy May! That sounds like a great list.. you inspire me. I have been following weight watchers, but I am doing miserably!(its cause I got out of the counting habit!) Hubby is in your neck of the woods next week...wishing I was coming with, aw well. Hope your day and your May are fabulous!

June said...

I hadn't thought of making a list for the month but it's not a bad idea.
Committing to 30 minutes of exercise is a tough one but I need it bad.