Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodwill finds and nautical napkin rings

Hiya Friends

Happy Tuesday to you!

It is track and field day at Selfie Spoonful's school

which means that I am off of work today.

A cheering I will be!!

I found some great stuff at the goodwill yesterday.

Salad plates and bowls ~ $1.00 each

Gorgeous pumpkin napkin holder ~ $4.00

robin egg blue enamel mug ~ &1.00

Everyone in this house knows that I love pumpkins

and pumpkins are allowed

all year long!

$25.00 bought me this little china cupboard.

I had planned on buying an old cabinet

and painting it white..

As of now

This thing works out perfectly without paint.

It is not real wood


I love the shape and size of it.

I got crafty this weekend!

Nautical Napkin Rings

I have seen many blogs

with many variations of nautical napkin rings,

which of course were my inspiration for this little project.

To make 4 napkin rings I used:

hot glue
1 very elegant toilet paper tube
assorted shells and pearls

cut the tube into four pieces

add a strip of hot glue and wrap jute
around each piece of tube.

secure end of jute with more glue


And here they sit on the table.

They are just the cutest little thing
and they cost next to nothing.

I used the "new" goodwill bowls as part of my table setting.

I bought the quilt that is on the table at the goodwill last week for $8.00.

My MIL got me into using pretty quilts on the table.

The room before

There was something not right about the left corner...

and I knew that I needed a china cabinet against that long wall.

I took the black dry sink out
and added the china cabinet..

much better!!!!

Have a great day.
I gotta get going and cheering on an eleven year old!


June said...

I absolutely love the look of your cozy dinning room.
What great finds at Goodwill!! I am trying so hard not to accumulate anymore dishes/glasses. I love vintage glass.

Have a great day!

Lisa said...

you have such a gift!! I love that china cabinet! We went to a huge private school yard sale and for $35 they had a very expensive, well made entertainment center.....and i tried to buy it (even though we did not need it) & the jerk sold it right from under me. I love your napkin rings too. You have such a talent!

Nezzy said...

What a grand find with that china cabinet. Amazin' how just a few simple changes can transform a room. It looks so very charming and inviting.

God bless and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Whoa girl--
Great finds you have there and I can't believe the price of that cabinet. Whoo Hoo! Looks great.
I think I would have such trouble using a quilt on my table. Looks great on yours though.

Have a great Wednesday!


Annelie said...

Wowsers, you go girl!
Totally love the plates and salad bowls.
Why haven't I considered GoodWill before?
And those napkin rings rock. You are so crafty. I would never have thought of that.


Unknown Mami said...

Great finds at Goodwill. The nautical rings look fantastic and I love the quilt on the table.