Sunday, May 16, 2010

Craft nook spring cleanup


Yesterday was craft nook cleaning day
and trust me
It took me the whole day.
I got rid of all of the large plastic storage containers and added an old dresser
( which I painted the drawers teal and red)
Papa Spoonful had that dresser when he was just a baby...
and both of my girls used it in theirs nursery's as well.
Since it has sat empty on the 3rd floor for years
I am super happy to get use out of it again.

I only added 1 more storage cube..
the difference is in how I arranged them ~
I bought a 6ft piece of wood
that I covered in white contact paper and velcro'ed to the top of the cubes.
I added a light underneath.

My color inspiration comes from this...

I spray painted the gadget organizer pink ~ much better!

Actually ~ I got spray paint happy and painted everything!

I love to label stuff!!

Certified Glitter Whore!

If we need it, chances are that whatever it is
is in this drawer!

The paint/ribbon/glue/anythingyoucanfit shelf.
If you look real close you will see the patron saint of my craft nook.
(a photo of my old boss from another craft store)

I have a lot of quilting books.. and no clue how to quilt.
Some day......

Now maybe
I will go and create something
Have a wonderful Sunday friends.


Country Dreaming said...

Looks great!
Could you come over and clean up my messy sewing/craft room?
It's been a dumping zone until I get finished with the school year BUT it's driving me crazy!
Make sure you show us what you create.


Madelief said...

Hi Leslie,

You have done some serious cleaning. It looks very tidy!! Love to look at all the things you have in your cupboards; the ribbons, pencils, fabric, glitter etc. What a great place to have and work in.

Love the dresser!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Frau said...

Wow everything looks so organised!

Katharine said...

Wow, I stand in awe... you are queen of crafting & organizing!!
Have a great Sunday!

Lisa said...

I love your craft have it SO organized! Very impressive indeed. As always, you inspire me with how you keep it all together.

Jemm said...

It looks so pretty! Great job. I need you to come over and tell me what to do with mine...on NO budget :) Ugh!

sewingseeds4U said...

I love creating in an organized space and yours looks so pretty. I still have quite a few plastic drawer units that I want to replace with a wonderful dresser or hutch. Beautiful job.

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

What a great fun place to create! And, love those Martha Stewart glitters. Aren't they the best!?

Melanie said...

Awesome!!! You can come do my space next. lol

Jane said...

Love it! Very impressive! I bet you'll be making all kinds of fabulous-ness in no time!

Jane said...

Oh, almost forgot....I left you something over on my blog: :)

Lee Ann said...

Oh I am so jealous!! I literally just finished a post today about how I wish I had a designated craft area and then I popped over here and found yours! Drool , it is lovely ! x

GardenofDaisies said...

Great job with your craft nook!! It looks like you have everything in order! Now If my office/sewing room only looked that half that good!