Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful day for Boating

Papa Spoonful and I were lucky enough to be able to enjoy this gorgeous day out on the boat
Since the girls were busy with school.. it was just the two of us.
I will let the pictures tell the story.

~ the early morning ride to the Island was a bit chilly!

Ahhh.. there it is , our summer home away from home.
Has it really been 8 months since we last stepped on that sandy beach?

The memories of the long Maryland winter were washed away as soon as my toes touched the warm surf.

Papa Spoonful, with his Blackberry in hand ~ always working.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Goose for sharing your wonderful beach with us.

On our way back to the boat ramp we had to do a lap around the old lighthouse.

I've said it many times before..
we are truley blessed to have this happy uncomplicated little life.

Now.. it's time to take a shower and take the sting out of my sunburn.


Tonight.. We're off on a date with some Crabcakes and Fries.
Have a great Mother's day weekend everyone!
I can't wait to get back to our Island!

Unknown Mami


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower!
I LOVE this post. The celebration of Spring and Summer is so big when you live in a place where the winters are so cold and snowy!

Pretty & Peaceful! Looks like a wonderful day,

Sarah B said...

Looks like a great day out. We have a 1960 timber motor boat but she is in pieces at the moment for some maintenance. I'd love a day out on the water :)

Country Dreaming said...

Looks like fun except for the goose bumps.
Beautiful day--lucky you.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Annelie said...

Only slightly jealous of your daytime date with your man. Allright, very jealuous.
Looks so nice. And then another date with crabcakes?
Sounds, and looks like, the perfect day.

Happy Mother's Day to you too Leslie!



Frau said...

Gorgeous pictures and Happy Mother's day to you ! Love your blog!

Lee Ann said...

Thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful day, looking forward to exploring more of your blog x x

Sonya said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the water and spending a day out in it on a boat seems like heaven!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

great day...great photo's....

have a great mothers day....

kary and teddy

Katharine said...

Great photos, what a wonderful way to spend the day... Happy Mothers day!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a wonderful, fun-filled with your sweetie! So glad the weather was nice enough to be out on the water.

Thanks for sharing your city! I'm visiting SMIC from Los Angeles,

simpledaisy said... that looks like my kind of day:)

Jemm said...

So pretty! That looks like a lot of fun Leslie. Sometimes I wish we lived by the water instead of land-locked KS! I hope you had a nice Mother's Day :)

mimbles said...

Gorgeous photos Leslie! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :-)

Beach Vintage said...

What beautiful pictures, I especially love the one of your legs and the goosebumps. Hope you had a great Mothers Day.

Prairiemaid said...

Love all the pictures, especially the goose bumps and goose tracks! LOL

Thanks for stopping by.

Erin said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend Mother's Day!

I Love the pics of the lighthouse!

Lisa said...

what gorgeous photos! You have a real eye....that water and the beach and blue skies look like heaven.

Unknown Mami said...

I feel blessed that you shared these pictures with me.

I got cold just looking at the goosebumps.