Tuesday, April 27, 2010

treats and a Pay Raise?

I'm at it again..
In the kitchen creating delicious treats that will no doubt land on my butt!

Since Selfie's postponed school Mardi Gras festival is tomorrow
I wanted to make a few treats and prizes for the kiddies.

More marshmellows....
which I packaged in plastic tumblers with crazy straws and wrapped with cellophane.

Yesterday I tried my hand working with gum paste.. ughhh.. hard!
My little mardi gras masks look rough!
I definitely need much more practice.

Today.. it was cup cakes and butter cream frosting which is YUMMY.
I'll be on my bike spinning off those calories later!

Most of you know that I work for a large chain Craft store and love it.
I love the stuff that I work with and most importantly the people that I work with.
Some of us may bump heads now and then but they are truly a fun bunch to work with.
My bosses are great.
My "big" boss happens to be someone that I enjoyed working for a few years ago.
Needless to say, I was thrilled when he showed up at my store.
With him came a new assistant....
For the sake of her privacy I'm gonna call her Marge.
Marge is the cutest...
I don't know how she does it since she is always smiling,
but she's got all of the young ones afraid of her.
One of my favorite things about Marge is that she tries very hard to keep her composure when I make those sometimes offensive comments and jokes.
Her mouth forms a straight line,
face gets turns red,
she turns her back away
and I know that I have her
and I drive the nail fully in until she finally cracks up.

Marge reads this blog and recently attempted d to make the rum cake ~ but used cooking wine instead of rum ~ GROSS!
I guess I don't have to tell you that her cake didn't turn out to well .
Yeah, i know.. it's a crazy mistake for a chick who is so smart.

While in the kitchen tonight I was gonna whip Marge up a rum cake and I was out of rum and walnuts.
What I did do was attempt to make her a Lemon Blueberry bundt cake..
which I should tell you , is delicious~
How do I know this ?

Because half of the freaken cake stuck to the pan!!!

So marge, if you are out there in blogland tonight...
It' s not pretty but I have the top half of a delicous Lemon Blueberry cake waiting for you.
I will take it to work tomorrow and leave it in the fridge for you.
It would be a great desert with dinner on your day off.
AHEM! Can we say Pay Raise!!
Happy Wednesday all!


Katharine said...

mmmm, who cares if it's only half, that cake looks awesome!(I'd give you the raise ;) The school must be awefully glad you love to be in the kitchen~ great Mardi Gras stuff! Have a great day...

Country Dreaming said...

I'll take a piece of the cake!!!!
I bet you are fun to work with too!!
Have a great Thursday!


Jane said...

Everything looks super yummy...esp the cake!! Wasn't that nice of the cake to stick so you could enjoy its fabulous-ness, too? Yum!

Catherine said...

I am hungry! when i see all your cakes!

Julie said...

Looks good!

simpledaisy said...

those cupcakes are so cute!!

Acorn Cottage said...

Hi Leslie,
Sorry I haven't been around blogland very much, just been busy with life. You are usch a fantastic Mom! All your teats looks so good, I'm sure those are going to be a big hit. I love the idea or chocolate covered marshmellows! So cute with the sprinkles! Happy things. Hope you have a great weekend.

Warmly, Nancy