Saturday, April 10, 2010

New carpet and random house pictures

Random house pictures

The pumpkins one week after planting

The carpet was installed on Friday and it feels wonderful. The three dogs that are spread out all over the floor can attest to it ~

For the first time in 20 years I do not have a theme in my house.
~It is anything goes ~

I can't believe the amount of things that I have gotten rid of.

Since Papa Spoonful works in the coal industry it is only fitting that we would have coal memento's around the house.

Do you see the red furniture in the back of the room (below). I found that at a Thrift shop a few months ago and paid $35.00 for it. I don't know what you call it, it's basically a small dresser with a bookcase.

Since I still have a little person I feel that it is very important to have the (main) computer in a central area of the house ~ but I just hate how computer desks look. Anyway.. after buying the new tiny computer hard drive , I traded my large monitor for Teen Spoonful's small one and it is the perfect fit on the dresser/bookcase. I used the drawers to store computer paper, Cd's, etc..

I ordered new Black and white floral wallpaper for the bottom half of the stair and hallway walls

There you have it! We are very happy with the changes. Everything is calm and relaxing!
Brave and beautiful Selfie Spoonful decided that it was time to get her ears pierced and She, Bob, and I went over to the mall where she got them done. She picked a pretty green stud and both ears were pierced at the same time ~ As expected, This brave child never even flinched.

Have a great Sunday Y'all!


Country Dreaming said...

Great changes--I love your computer desk.
The puppy sneaking table goodies is way tooooooo funny.
Happy Sunday!
Come by soon.


Catherine said...

It looks perfect! you did it well! you already planted your pumpkins? iam late!

Katharine said...

Everything looks wonderful! Three cheers for your brave girl, her ears look great! I have always wanted to grow pumpkins, and I did try once, but we have such a tiny yard that it doesn't work! Hope your Sunday is beautiful!

Julie said...

Congrats Selfie! They sure look good on you.

The house looks great!

Beach Vintage said...

I just want to cuddle those 2 dogs, they are delightful!

Lisa said...

Surprisingly, Nelishia sent me an invite to her blog...i have not heard from her in a long i went and read and commented and, again, found your blog and added it to my favorites. Funny, because i have been thinking about you lately....i went thru my favorites on AOL, which i had not done in 10 yrs, and deleted all kinds of old links and came upon dozens of links that took me way way back....gobs from J Land...and i have NO talent in decorating, NONE, but that does not mean i don't want to have the talent because i DO, lol....but it has to be thrift or used or nothing for us....anyway, i am so glad i can read along as you talk about decorating or your family or whatever because you are the most talented decorator i have known. We freecycled so much last week on my first vacation in a year....and i found this long wall shelf that was given to me free...and i remembered how i had loved it and put it away...well Rick went to HandyMan and got some brace thingies and we put the shelf up on the wall and i added old family pics that i had shoved in a box for 10 yrs (!!) and WOW, it looks awesome!! Total cost? $3. I had these ok drapes in my living room that my MIL made from TABLECLOTHES...can you imagine.....but they were cream colored and pretty...but 9 yrs old and we went to Dollar General and bought these dark brown curtains....and i thought they were ugly as hell and i called them "the funeral home curtains". My MIL told me to trust her and we hung them last Friday and WOW...they add so much to my living room. She was right. She reminds me of you. It is kind of fun to "shop" out of your own home.
take care,
lisa jo