Thursday, April 8, 2010

A beautiful Thursday

It is a gorgeous Thursday here in Baltimore. The breeze is gentle and cooling and the sun is bright. Simply put, It's perfect!
Since tomorrow will be a hectic "who's knows" kind of day, I am trying to get a start on things that need to be finished.

Such as painting the railings on the staircase.

Don't feel like it!

Cleaning and moving my nic naks.

Sweeping and pulling up the rest of the carpet.

Don't feel like it!

I have my test very early in the morning tomorrow and THE CARPET IS COMING!! Tomorrow the computer will be unplugged while the carpet is installed.. if you notice me missing don't worry... YET. : )
Thanks to those doctors last week, I have faith that the endoscopy will go fine and that I will finally have some answers and relief to my problems. I can't wait to get back to normal ~ especially going to the gym, I haven't been in over a month and I can't believe that I am saying this...

I miss it ~ Bad!

My butt misses it too!

Here are a few pictures from around the yard today.

~The Acrhway that papa spoonful has been waiting for is finally taking shape~

~ Dogwood under a beautiful blue sky~
~The artist, loving the spring~

~A mixture of Cilantro and morning glory seeds~

~A baby pumpkin~
( these will be my pride and joy)

~ Darla Sue ~

Happy Thursday all!


Country Dreaming said...

Good Luck to you tomorrow! You will be in my prayers!
Sounds like the Spoonful household is BUSY! Keeping busy will keep your mind on other things than your test and that will help you.

Keep me posted ~!


Nezzy said...

A full and glorious day. New carpet? Woohoo, we did that a couple years ago, it's wonderful. I love your landscaping pics, just to beautiful and springy. Little doggy looks like he's pouting! Time our???

Have a beautiful day filled with sunny blessings!!!

Julie said...

I hope things go well tomorrow and you can get back to normal. And I can't wait to see the new carpet!