Friday, April 2, 2010

The Barium Swallow

Good morning everyone!!!

First thing First..

The Barium Swallow

This test was neat..

In the hospital x-ray room with two doctors and technicians, I stood in between a wall and a large x-ray device while I was feed a variety of things that contained barium. There was a television screen next to me that I could see my throat muscle movement and the highlighted substance as I swallowed..

a glass of chalky water
very thick pudding
pudding with a short bread cookie
marshmellow cream
and water again

The tech scanned the machine downward toward my stomach and I drank more water.

I asked them If they could see the lump and how bad it was and their responses all were that they could see nothing in my throat.

But.. everything that I had swallowed had traveled down my esophagus and got stuck at the bottom. Sooo, they say that my troubles to do not rest in my throat but rather at the bottom of my ribcage and that the lump is a sensation created by the pressure and food not digesting in my stomach. Although it's not been officially declared my my doctor, those preforming the test think that this is a very treatable condition and said how happy they were to finally give someone good news after this test.

I couldn't stop myself from crying in the lab.. the doctor and I hugged. I left, got in my car and cried again. For the longest time I had built myself up for the worst. I seriously thought this was it. I had been forefilling my mental bucket list.
I watched my grandmother suffer so badly and I kept thinking about my family, how well we are doing and how devastating it would be to them.

I sit here this beautiful Good Friday morning sipping my coffee, swallowing and feeling it wash over this giant lump in my throat. In some ways I feel a little closer to God and a lot more thankful for the air i breath.

Thank you all for the special thoughts and prayers.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!


Katharine, Ontario Canada. said...

Well, If your aim was to make me cry on Good Friday... well done! I am so happy for you, and I hope the scope goes as well. I am sure this will be a good weekend for all of you, and I know that when we call out to Him...God is always close!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Yea! I glad to hear that your news is good. I'm sure that you are VERy relieved to know what exactly is going on.
How will they go about treating this? Is this something that you will have to deal with forever or will it go away?
Such great news on this specail day. I am sooooooooooooo happy for you!

Enjoy your weekend!


Melissa said...

Oh Leslie, I've been so absent here that I didn't know about your trouble. I'm so happy that your BS went so well. Here's to a resolution to the problem and good heath for you and yours. Happy Easter, my friend.

Cottage Cozy said...

I am so so so happy to hear this news...yes I see that it is not officially from the Doc...but they don't tell you things like that if it is not so! What a celebration day for You! I am smiling from ear to ear!