Tuesday, March 30, 2010

seaside jewelry and a giveaway

I am soooo ready to sit on the bow of our boat, to feel the wind in my face, the warm sun on my skin , to inhale the smell of the Chesapeake and to take in all of those wonderful sights and
sounds of nature in the summertime.

This past week I have done nothing but sit curled up in my chair with the bead tray and DARLA on my lap.

When I am stressed out I can't do anything but sit quietly. I can't focus on the television, or books, or my favorite Sudoku puzzles... I can't clean or get excited about anything.

But, Thankfully..

I can bead.

I made a pile of pieces that I will eventually add to my etsy shop.

Wanna see them ..

This one is charm bracelet dedicated to one of my favorite places.

I think when all of these tests and problems are under control I am buying myself a ticket to Central park in the springtime. : ) Anybody wanna come with?

I love jewelry that makes noise.
I think I got a little carried away with the charms on this one.

This bracelet with the black, blue, and orange is my favorite. The white spotted things are fossils that we found on the beach.
This one has a few real Shark's teeth that we found beach combing at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland.

And I made a pile of earrings..

I would like to share one of my little beach treasures with one of you.
~It's a surprise ~
Just let me know that your are "IN", leave a comment or email
between now and Saturday, April 3rd.. and I will put your names in a sailor cap and draw one lucky persons name who will receive the surprise.
I'm so excited, can't wait to share my pretties.
Good Luck
Happy Wednesday


Melanie said...

Awesome!!! I just love the bright aqua color on the beachie ones. :)

Country Dreaming said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. Please sign me up!

Stay positive and keep your chin up. :)


Madelief said...

Dear Leslie,

Just read your last two post. I so hope the verdict will be ok on friday. I will keep my thumbs up for you!! Meanwhile I enjoyed looking at your beautiful jewelery very much. You are very talented!

Take care,

Lieve groet, Madelief

Katharine, Ontario Canada. said...

Can't wait for summer either! These are beautiful! You are very talented! Thinking about you, and your busy weekend, I didn't know that Michelle and Emily had the same b-day. Em turns 16 on Sunday. Crazy eh? Have a great day!

Michelle said...

I LIKE 'EM. Snessesh.

wachete said...

I feel special. Because I get more of you then these guys and I get to share your here and now..Love ya girl, because your the special one..Your in good hands, Gods,
he is going to take care of you..The flower lady..Please make two I'll buy it..They are soo pretty..I got to see it up close and personal...soon

Catherine said...

your creations are lovely.

Julie said...

So, so pretty!

Cottage Cozy said...

I love jewelery that "makes noise" too...and yours are so pretty. I will be glad to join you in Central park...just say when! lol