Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy weekend

Hello again friends. I apologise for my lack of reading and posting lately. I've had many things going on and well.. the truth is that I put up a good front but I haven't been feeling good lately. For this reason I have been "nesting", trying to complete tasks and get the house in order. I will know what the cause of my problem is early this week. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.
The carpet has been picked out and ordered ( it should be installed sometime within the next 10 days) .. The new sofa came yesterday.. and it is amazing!!! I've already taken a nap on it!

As you can see the kids broke it in last night. ( Miss Teen Spoonful, "Bob" and Selfie spoonful were watching Twilight. The older KIDS wouldn't stop making fun of the movie ~ selfie taped their mouths closed.)
The tape didn't last long and the three of them distracted my thoughts with jokes and had me laughing the whole night. I am so thankful for my tiny family!

Do you believe that I haven't even put an Easter decoration up!! Nothing! Hopefully I will get around to it this week. Easter Sunday is Teen Spoonful's 19th Birthday. Her driving is going very well.. I'm not sitting white knuckled like I used to! Seriously, she is just about ready to go at it alone, we still need to work on parking.
Ok, I'm off to make some jewelry.. gotta keep myself busy and distracted.
Thank you all for visiting and I will see you soon.


Katharine said...

Hi! Thinking about you... Have a great Sunday~

Country Dreaming said...

Hey Sweetie--
My prayers are with you and hope all turns out well for you.
Glad that your family is there for you.
Keep positive andknow we are here for you.
If you just need to vent ewmail me and I'll listen. :)


Julie said...

I know its so hard to blog sometimes but I hope things are going to be ok with you, please let me know!

Nezzy said...

I took my snowmen down and let the bunnies take over the Ponderosa!

God bless and have a wonderful day, sweetie!!!

Melissa said...

Love your new sofa! I've fallen in love with red lately too!

Oh and that's a smart cookie you've got there, I would love to tape some mouths up like that!

Happy Easter!