Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snowmageddon redux

Here we SNOW again. It's been snowing since around dinner time yesterday leaving Baltimore crippled. At the moment the city is in it's 3rd stage of snow emergency which means that besides emergency vehicles no other drivers/car are allowed on the roads.

Schools are closed through the week. Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!! We love it when our family are all home.

It would be even nicer if Miss Teen spoonful and I didn't have these nasty head colds. I have all of these yummy recipes and treats to make ~ and I feel like doing NOTHING!

As the snow is expected to stop sometime today, heavy winds are expected to take its place. Our biggest worry is losing power. Now that would suck!!!

A few years before she passed away my mother gave me a tree. A dying evergreen that was smaller then our average Christmas tree.
It sat on our sun porch for weeks before we could finally plant it.
It was barely alive and everyone used to make fun of our scrawny little tree.

Today that beautiful tree is over 25 ft.

Since the snow weighed heavy on her branches ~ most of the lowers branches were laying on the ground. Yesterday, before the next snowfall, Mr Spoonful and I cleaned and shook the fir branches free of snow.

The girls have created a series of tunnels through our front yard.
Here, Miss Teen Spoonful was busy deepening another "hobbit hole".



After a few tablets of cold medicine and a cozy nap I did wake up feeling a little better. I made a delicious Chicken and mushroom casserole ( which I picked out the yucky mushrooms). We also made the boxed truffle mix that I purchased at Target on my way home from work yesterday.
Oh Yummy Goodness!!!


Country Dreaming said...

That sure is ALOT of snow!
Hopefully you won't lose your power
that would be pain.
Have fun!!


Cottage Cozy said...

Snow and Sweets! Fun times...