Thursday, February 18, 2010

pick me up

Sometimes I get into a house funk.

As usual, it normally takes place in the heart of the dreary winter season when I am stuck inside, the pellet stove is kicking off way to much dust, and there is no color ( other then white) outside of my windows.

I want fresh air, colors, paints, fabrics, carpet..

and I don't want to do anything until I get those things!

Meanwhile, this big black nose can always get me out of my funk!

This dog truly is the sweetest soul ~ Feeling funky.. just stare into those big brown eyes.. : )
There are many days where this black nose is smudged with my pink lipstick.

I played around on the sun porch today and got a little "color" help from my friend Mr Pipe Toting Leprechaun and lots of green glitter.

Nothing like a little something new to give a room some needed Pick Me Up.

$6.00 bought me this awesome funky tea set thingy at the Goodwill today.

I think that it will be gorgeous with some live greens.. maybe some Ivy or Heather.

Sharky likes them!!!


Beach Vintage said...

Very very cute nose indeed.

Country Dreaming said...

Love Sharky--his nose IS cute!