Thursday, February 11, 2010

a little dig and play

Our street.. wait (our half) the upper part of our street looks amazing after all of us neighbors dug it out.

Trust me, we are all sore this afternoon.

I think, if needed I can get my car out and about.

I do need to do my Valentine shopping.

The snow level goes over Selfie's swing.

Selfie Spoonful made good use out of the giant mounds of snow.

Even her big sister joined in for some fun.

This was the perfect week for Mr Spoonful and I to plan and book a special summer "get away."
This is the year of our 20th Wedding anniversary and we are finally taking our Honeymoon.
We are both very excited, The last time we spent a night away from home Teen Spoonful was 1 year old.. and since then, in 18 years, we've never spent a night away from our girls.
We've never flown on an airplane either..
I can't wait! Till then, I better get bikini ready and shovel more snow ~


Ginger said...

Great pictures! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Sounds like a great idea to get away to a warm place after all the snow you've had!

Katharine said...

Wow-lots of snow, hopefully it will stop now. Knee deep in snow is the perfect time to plan for summer warmth! :)

Julie said...

That is alot of snow! Thats how it was for us two years ago and I'm sure glad that we haven't gotten that much yet!

Sounds like a fun vacation but did I read that right you have never been on a airplane! Hubby and I just had our 35th in November.

Country Dreaming said...

Congrats on 20 years!!!!

Lots of snow in your neck of the woods!