Friday, February 19, 2010

kitchen fun

Remember that I was recently complaining about being in a house funk? It is the living and dining rooms that I want to redo. Having had a colonial country theme for so long , thinking outside of the box is super exciting and scary. I am sick of these dark colors and can't wait to make some changes and go more towards the cottage look.

I can't believe that with all of the pictures that I take, I can not find one of the living room as it is now. I should go ahead and take one.. but Nahhhhhhhhhh, between the baskets of folded laundry, 3 very spoiled dirty dogs laying on the sofa, Selfie spoonful playing Wii, and the countless throw pillows that are scattered over the floor..
No Way Jose' ~ this room is a mess!

One of my favorite rooms in this house is the Kitchen.

I love to cook and spend most of my time in the kitchen so it is important to me that it is functional and fun. I love all of the colors that I have going on.

~Scenes from the CLEANED kitchen~

I love the red Paula Dean cookware that I recieved from my birthday.

The story of the star : When we replaced the ceiling fan with this pretty pot rack chandy there was a round stain on the ceiling from where the fan was attached. I , being me, was looking for instant gratification/a quick fix and didn't want to have to paint the whole ceiling.
A star was birthed!

~Breakfast ~
Someones been eating my porridge!

My beloved Mildred

I have had some kitchen doozies

This is the fun part..

Look at this picture ( taken this morning) again.

Now look at this picture of the same corner of my kitchen taken back in 1992.

That is a very little Teen Spoonful having her favorite cheese toast for lunch.

How do you like that funky 70's refrigerator. It belonged to Papa Spoonful's grandmother and is still chilling beer in our basement.

And the same corner again taken in 1998 ~
The quality is bad since I censored people from the photo.

What was I thinking when I hung that paper?
I remember thinking how great it looked.

Seriously.. I did!

I was pregnant with Selfie spoonful, had a shaved head, and a bad wall paper job!

Yikes! The pink rose boarder.

Must have been the hormones!

See the new refrigerator..

I wanted a white one to blend with that ugly wall paper.
I was taller then it was.

This has been fun! Hope you enjoyed.

I've been inspired by so many blogs lately.. I can't wait to show you all the awesome Thrift shop finds that I acquired for the "new Dining room". I am anxious to start the redo!!

Happy Weekend!


Country Dreaming said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Have a great weekend!


Julie said...

I remember when we moved into our first house and the oven was olive green and I was so excited to get it change to gold to match all the new stuff!

Ok so I'm pretty old!

Nezzy said...

You have a beautiful warm~inviting kitchen. I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and hoppin' on my blog.

In the words of Old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"

Catherine said...

Ilove your kitchen,I must redo mine, but wait until the children finished their studies!!!Have a nice week end ( love the new music, i just got up and it cheers me for the day!