Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Halloween charm Bracelet

Y'all don't call me Mrs Halloween for nothing!

I just got yelled at by my 11 yr old for making Halloween stuff and humming Christmas carols.. IN FEBRUARY!

Look kid, I can't help it!!! Blame it on Debra!

So anyway.. I made the cutest Halloween cupcakes out of clay today.
I just can't stand it, they are freaken adorable!!!

To go with them I made a few little ghosts, skulls and a witch hat......

All of which are hanging together on the sweetest little Halloween charm bracelet.

One could say that "that guy" was dying for a cupcake!

I'll set them aside for my Etsy in the fall. : )


Country Dreaming said...

Very cute but I can't believe you
are thinking of Halloween!!! :)