Saturday, February 6, 2010

a great day

Today looks like:

A Great day to stay in bed!

A great day for finally completing Teen Spoonful's 09 Graduation Scrapbook.
A great day to bake a cake with Selfie Spoonful.
A great day to snuggle.
A great day to make a homemade pot of soup.
A great day to paint my toe nails each a different color.
A great day to sit on the sun porch with a puzzle.
A great day for movies and popcorn.

A great day for Coffee.
A great day for (cant drive to the gym) shoveling.
A great day to catch up on phone calls.
A great day to be thankful that we are all safe and happy.

Happy Snow day!!


Katharine said...

Happy Snow day!! Hope you all have a wonderful day together.

Country Dreaming said...

You guys really got it!
Have fun!
Do you have more coming??

We do.


Julie said...

It does sound like a good day to stay in! For once someone else is getting all the snow. We got a little bit on Friday and more is coming today and yes I will be staying in!

Happy snow days to you and keep warm!