Monday, February 8, 2010

another 12 inches

Do you believe it, Baltimore is expecting another 12 inches ( or more) of snow starting around noon time tomorrow.
Yes.. I said another Foot of snow!
Schools are closed through Wednesday at the least.

Once filled with Lillies, Hydrangeas, and black Eyed Susans, this is (used to be) my front garden.
Now you can barely make out the tip of my little evergreen.
Look at the ice that has build up on and around this lawn chair.

Since the weather forecast is calling for another foot or so of snow I wanted to get out and refill the necessities.
So for the first time since Thursday, the girls and I ventured out in the car.
you know, for more Shrimp, toilet paper, coffee K cups, paper plates, marsh mellows....
Big Mistake!!
The roads are horrible. We got stuck twice and spent an hour traveling to the grocery market that is normally a 5 minute trip.
Good news: We met a few good samaritans with shovels who helped us get the car moving again.

I expected the grocery market to be much worse that it was.
Many of the isles, produce, meats, dairy and bread were cleaned out.
Thankfully we found everything we needed plus some other fun yummy treats.

As for my next trip out and about.. forget it!
My car is grounded! I am not driving again till the streets are clear.
Have a safe and warm Tuesday friends.


Katharine said...

Stay safe and warm!!

Julie said...

It was like that here before Christmas but now we are having a melt down. And boy is it muddy!

Stay warm!

Country Dreaming said...

Well--I don't think I have ever seen store shelves empty like these.
Stay warm and cozy !