Sunday, February 7, 2010

30 inches of ThunderSnow

As Austin Powers would say, Yeah baby!

It was a beautiful, plentiful, Thunder and lightning packed blizzard and after 30 inches of snow here in Baltimore ~ we are officially snowed in!

The house is taking a beating. Wet clothes, boots, dogs, floors....

You know it's bad when our neighbor Seven, with his big super cape.. the king of big, big ego, big truck, big big.. couldn't even get his super truck out.

The snowy day was the perfect time for me to collect my books, grab a coffee and enjoy the view from my bedr0om window.

I have written piles among piles of pages to my dream Harlequin Romance novel.
There are binders, folders, envelopes that equal years worth of writings and hours worth of reading.
And I did just that..
Sat Indian style on the bed and become reacquainted with my own characters and manuscripts.
Although I struggle with punctuation ~ ok, I seriously suck at it! The story and people are very likable.
Anyway, with the help of Miss Teen Spoonful I am finally going to finish putting my manuscripts together.

Selfie Spoonful spent the evening baking and decorating a "Gamer" cake.
The railing outside was the perfect place for the cake to cool.

She did an awesome job.. even if she had to change her shirt twice!!

I think we may have a little Ace of Cakes Chef in the makings!

Of course the boys were lurking just hoping for a lick of cake.

What in the heck is this?
Look at this little snow drift on Mr Spoonful's truck.

Time for me to gather ingredients and recipes for tonight's last minute Superbowl party at Seven's. What shall I make...


Cottage Cozy said...

Awww...even too cold for the puppies. I loved seeing your cake cooling outside in the snow!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Julie said...

They said on the radio that you were snowed in there!

It does look like she is one good cake maker!

Stay warm!

Catherine said...

lovely cake and nice deco!I don't want any more snow!!! enough!catherine ( thank for your visits)