Sunday, January 31, 2010


What a pleasant surprise!!!!
Our weather people really downplayed this storm.
Out came the snow boots, mittens, and the BIKE.

Selfie loves hanging out with Papa Spoonful.
Although he and the girls spend a lot of time together ~ mostly laughing ~
...They are daddy/daughter moments like these that pull my heartstrings.

While crafting on the porch I got a visit from my handsome neighbor Nitro...
who probably wanted to borrow some sugar or a few steaks.
He's the sweetest guy!

This is what happens to little boys....
they trade their old sleds and tonka trucks in for big trucks and ATVs.
Wasn't long before all of the boys had their toys out.
They are fun to watch!

What a lovely quiet day.
Miss Teen Spoonful got to enjoy the snow when she got off of work. She and Selfie hung out with the boys, rode the bikes and wallowed in the snow until their red noses and cold toes couldn't take it any longer.


Julie said...

It sounds like everyone everywhere is getting snow! I'm just hoping spring is just around the corner!

Country Dreaming said...

Looks like fun--especially the bikes!

Have a great week.