Friday, January 8, 2010

Shelves, drawers, nooks and crannies

I've been in the mood to organize lately.


Kitchen cabinets. Linen cabinets. Grocery pantry. Make up drawer.

Since it took a messy beating during the holidays, I finally made time to get my craft nook cleaned up and organised.

I painted my counter/shelves white and added the old shutter backdrop.

I nailed a long narrow piece of wood to the top of the shutter to create a small ledge.
( and I fixed that warped board in the back)

Selfie's clay versions of Darla, Sharky and Stymie love their front row seat on the new shelf.

I love labels, jars, drawers and shelves! In my little craft room "A C Michael's" you will find things full of all kinds of fun stuff.
I love to store my paints by like colors and the little pockets in the wall organiser is perfect for them.

The stamp drawer. I love stamps but admit to being a lousy "stamper" ~ I always end up with a square frame around my stamp. One day I'll get it right.

Pinking sheers, paint pens and fabric markers.


Beads and Jewelry essentials.

Now that everything is in it's place it is time to create..

Now.. I wanna go play!


Julie said...

Wow it looks so nice! I love to stamp and I have way to many.

Happy playing!