Friday, January 22, 2010

Mardi Gras ideas

1 Golden Retriever
+ 1 Cake spoon covered in Peanut Butter
1 CrAzY Peanut Butter induced Sharky!!!

Once known as Spring Fest ~ or as we parents liked to call it, Kid fest or Scream Fest.. (Our) school's annual festival has for the last few years been renamed Mardi Gras Fest.
Mardi Gras fest is nice but Scream fest is still my preferred title.
It is LOUD!
And the kids love it.
They play games, win prizes, do art, eat, and hopefully win big on the cake walk before they go to jail. It's the one day during the school year where they do what they want. Mingle and socialize with parents, friends, teachers and even some clergy.
It's pretty cool!
I try to donate something to the Mardi Gras fest.. mostly little items that I find on CLEARANCE at Michael's and some kind of homemade yummy sweet dessert.
Wouldn't these cupcakes be great~ I definitely want to try working with fondant sometime soon.
Yesterday (following the same method as the Love Blocks) I made a few little Mardi Gras picture frames to donate as prizes. I think that I will put each frame on a dish with 1/2 dozen of those Mardi Gras cup cakes ~ That would make a great prize!

PS: ....told you I've been craving Pineapple upside down cake!!!


fun4families said...

love the Mardi Gras clever and creative. there are some good ideas here for planning a mardi gras party.. worth a look: