Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodwill purchases

I sure did find some treasures at the Goodwill/Thrift shop today!!!

$7.00 bought me this beautifully stitched pillow case, a 2 tier glass serving dish and pretty blue bowl and saucer set.

Tonight's agenda, to figure out what pretties I will put in this dish!!!

Have you ever been this tired??
With her belly full of a yummy treat of leftover carrots and gravy mixed in with her dog food, Little Darla Sue was knocked out.

Pearl ( teen spoonful's dove) moved while I was taking his picture ~ Pretty neat effect!


Katharine said...

I love the dish!... how great is thrift shopping eh? Blue and yellow are a wonderful combo, I have dreams of a blue and yellow bedroom someday...

Julie said...

What goods deals!

Country Dreaming said...

Very cool finds!


Ginger said...

Hi~Just stopping by for a visit from Katherine's blog. I love great finds for such good prices. Beautiful things.