Sunday, January 24, 2010

pretty colors, pretty pies and pretty sticky

These are my new favorite colors. Like the seasons my tastes in style and color change with the weather.
( I made these little Vintage blocks this morning ~ I still need to work on the g.)

I've been contemplating new colors in my country primitive dining room. I want happy, soft shades likes pinks, creams and yellows. Maybe a delicate little floral wallpaper to replace the colonial reds.
the possibilities are endless!

Yesterday while visiting Barnes and Noble I found this beautiful cookbook.

Yes, at first I did judge this book by it's cover!

I couldn't help myself It's gorgeous!

As for the inside, it is filled with many yummy meals and desserts.
Quiches, Potpies, Veggie pies, sweet tarts, pastries...

As planned, Seflie Spoonful made her favorite sticky caramel apples last night.

We used Kraft Caramel bits ~ they are super easy, basically empty bits in to pan add 2 tbsp of water, cook over low flame and stir constantly.
Caramel Bits Candy Review - Review of Kraft Caramel Bits Candy

Look out teeth!!


Julie said...

Boy have I gotten behind on my blogging! You have done some wonderful and very cute things. I love the blocks and those LOVE blocks in you past post are so cute!

Carmel Apples Yummy!

Katharine said...

Pretty Blocks~ nice work... you had a busy weekend

Acorn Cottage said...

Your blocks are really neat! I like that idea, almost as coming over for one of those carmel apples! Haven't had one in years and they are so good! Your color ideas sound happy. Sometimes I feel the need to change things too. I got a little overly monochormatic around here and now my power color to perk things up is red! Yeah baby!


corry said...

Your blocks look so lovely and those apples....YUMMIE!