Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5th

This Maryland weather sure is strange ~ no, I'm not surprised about today's beautiful snow fall.. what boggles me is the fact that my geraniums and black eyed susan's are still blooming... In December!!!!

Pups on the Porch

What I am reading:

ok, so I admit it, I've read this one before... more then once. It is a great Christmas story and well.. I was in the festive post thanksgiving mood for it.

Falling Angel (Harlequin American Romance, No 513)

Anne Stuart's
Falling Angel
~the cover looks gay but honestly.. it's a great story with a yummy bite of romance thrown in.~
Devastating the tiny backwater town of Angel Falls in his determination to increase his personal wealth, Emerson Wyatt MacVey begins to see the error of his ways when he hopelessly falls in love with one of his own victims.

Emerson Wyatt MacVey has hurt and used a lot of people during his thirty two years on Earth. It wasn't until he died and was sent to Heaven's Waystation that he began to see the error of his ways. Now with the threat of the "other place" hanging over his head, Emerson has exactly one month to go back and right three of his wrongs. He's sent back as Gabriel Falconi, a tall, muscular carpenter who lands right in Angel Falls, Minnesota.

This was such a heartwarming Christmas story. Since it was originally written in 1993, it has a down-home, Norman Rockwell feel to it that just wouldn't be realistic in the twenty first century.


Julie said...

Crazy with the flowers! We got snow yesterday also and I hear more is on the way!

My mother loved those books!

Happy Holidays!