Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let the decorating begin

During those times that I was awake and my nose had stopped running ~ I did manage to get a little decorating done this weekend.

I decided to keep it lite this year
Making Garland
I love to make fresh garland from the greens of our evergreens and holly bushes.
I usually tuck the greens in anywhere I can.

Pitcher this

I love tin pitchers and enamelware.
Here are just a few..

He's a mean one
The Grinch of course..

If you are new to my blogs.. then I should tell you that I painted the Grinch on my living room wall about .. uhhh... 8 years ago. He gets covered up by a tapestry during the off season.

The dining room

( I love how this looks) The tree is country and Americana.

Isn't the rusty star on top amazing!!!!

Darla Lewinsky

No decorating is complete without a little dog torture!

The Sweet Tree

(The Sun porch still needs some work.. The village and train to be put up)

As for the rest of the house...

{ I'm very excited }

we are getting a real tree this year for the living room.

As soon as everything is in place I will post more photos.

I can't wait to see what everyone else is up too.


Melissa said...

Everything is soooo pretty! But then, of course, I knew it would be. I sure wish I could knock on your door with a plate of brownies and sit there at your kitchen table and just enjoy it all with you!

Lee Ann said...

Leslie!! Your house is awesome at Christmas!! I showed my hubby your grinch as I was so impressed! Lol he reckons you are even more "hardcore" than me for Christmas ! Can't wait to see what this year brings xxx