Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday, Domo, gingerbread and other randomness

Domo Ornaments

I got this idea at work the other day and the project was easy as pie.

Selfie completed this project alone and they turned out awesome.


Glass balls
brown paint
white/black/red paint pens
clear glass varnish

More of the Gingerbread house
The gingerbread/candy land porch is coming along very nice.
We used lots of materials.. anything I can find that works.. I use. The gingerbread frames are just brown foam board that I cut out and decorated. We used a mixture of real and "fake" candy for the embellishments

The throw pillows have been wrapped in colored cellophane
The "candy cane" curtains have been made.
There is still much more work to be done.

Finally.. Happy Birthday Selfie
I can't believe my youngest baby is 11 years old.
Time is going by to fast!!
I love you girls so much!

Yes, that is a yummy rum cake ... As requested, I baked Selfie a ( walnut less) rum cake and got her a little ice cream SNICKERS cake.
Wondering why is says ELF?
As Selfie is learning German.. she has learned that Elf is 11!

With all of her new things, boots, coat, games, etc... Selfie was one happy 11 year old.
Mitch was a happy girl too having received this cool hat for Selfie's bday.

Because it looks so darn pretty!
We are excited and ready for Thanksgiving. When we return from NYC we are going to work on making some Turkey place settings.
Until next time..
Happy November!


Julie said...

Crazy! I can't wait to see more of the gingerbread house!

Happy Birthday Selfie!