Saturday, November 21, 2009

A beautiful Manhattan day

So, the girls and I took our annual shopping trip to New York City and had a wonderful time! The weather was fabulous!!!
Here are a few pictures from our escapades.

The Empire State Building

Trimming the tree.
Literally, they were trimming the tree.

~This is the horse and buggy that will take us on a tour through Central Park~
This of course was my favorite part of the day.

The "Ghost Busters" building

This view is amazing!

This scene reminds me of Madagascar.

Resting Pigeons


Of coarse my girls would befriend the kind gentleman who was feeding the pigeons outside of the NYC Library...

***Times Square***
walking 34th street
Off to Macy's to buy Christmas tree ornaments
This year I bought an adorable
"pound of Coffee" for our tree.
The 9th floor

Just like me... Harold Square is
all ready for the Parade
Speaking of the Macy's parade.
We purposely went there last this year
so that I could finally buy the snow globe that I have wanted for years.
I am kicking myself for not getting the years prier.
Love It!

There were a few things and places that we missed this year. We didn't make it to my favorite Bryant Park nor did we go to the Manhattan Michael's as I had hoped to do. I did get a wonderful facial.. ohhhhhhhhh.. in a boutique with products that I can't imagine actually paying for.

We also hit all of the toy stores, ~ oh and we finally rode the Times Square Toys R us Ferris Wheel. ~ Big fun~

Can't wait for next year.


Julie said...

Oh you lucky girls! My girls and I also love New York. We've been twice, once a just before Christmas. We had such a wonderful time!