Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 Halloween party

After a year of waiting for one of our favorite gatherings ... The house was spooktacular, the food was beautiful and the kids were excited!! Our house was filled with a bunch of happy 6th graders. Even a couple of cool teens graced the party.

(For their privacy I have not included photos of faces)

The guests included ...

An awesome twister game, an adorable Strawberry short cake, A Kool Aid "girl" worthy of busting through a few walls, a spooky witch, a swamp creature, a pretty little Alice, and a few very cool pirates.

Getting Ready

~ The costume ~

Oh Yeah !!

The pinata
The artist made the necessary improvements to the pinata.

The apples

double dipped

And Chocolate


Spider infested Brownies

Ghostly Cake

with the cupcakes

making T-shirts

Spongebob takes a beating...

And it's time to go home..

And Selfie is left waiting for next year!!!

What a great night!!!


Nelishia said...

You're an amazing Mom! Wish I was a kid again. You get better at this every year.
Love and admire your talents,

Leslie said...

thanks Nelishia ~ you know how I feel about being a mom to those girls of mine. There is no more important job in this world then being here and having fun with them, making sure they recieve a great education and teaching them good morals and how to be honest respectfull citizens.

I do wish you could bring Katie.. never know, maybe someday.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

The setting looked wonderful and the food fantastic. What a great party for them all...

Stay Cozy, Carrie