Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Halloween party invitations

We tried to come up with a new original idea this year.. I haven't seen this used yet, hopefully it was a surprise to the kids who received them.

2009 Halloween party invitations

Supplies used:

Chinese take out boxes

heave duty springs

small store bought ( Michael's) ghosts/phantoms

wooden tombstones


hot glue



plastic bugs

First we started with plain white Chinese take out boxes.. we painted (splattered) them with orange and black paints and added a rub on Halloween decal.

Next.. we painted and aged the wooden tombstones.. adding the party information.

~ Hot glue the spring to the inside of the ghost and to the bottom of the take out box ~ stretch spring so that ghost will rise out of the box. Hot glue tombstone to ghost and add moss to the inside of the box.

Push ghost inside of the box.. once closed, tie shut with pretty ribbon and embellish with bugs etc..

And Boo!
You are invited!!


Julie said...

Wow now that is an invitation like no other! I'm sure when they open it they will be surprized!