Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's begining to look like Halloween

I know that for some of you.. ok, most of you, it is to early for Halloween decorating. I can't help it!! I plan and think about how I will spook up the house all year long. It's funny, I have all of these cool ideas and then when it's time to execute them I am overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF that I have. Seriously, there are 8 boxes of fall decor ( not including the village pieces which I haven't pulled out yet) I need to get an early start so that I can get it ready for October 1st ~ I say this every year.. from the first through the 31st I want to be able to chill, read some scary books, cook some creepy foods and enjoy my favorite month.

After a day or nonstop adjusting and creating I finally got the sun porch on it's way. The gauze curtains are hung, the yard stake Chandelier is hanging over the breakfast table, and there are plenty of spiders crawling around on the ceiling.

I toned it down a bit from last year.. I will post more pictures as soon as everything is complete!


Leslie said...

trying to fix the comment feed

Julie said...

I looks like it is fix. I love your scary halloween decor. I'm just starting to get mine up!

Happy Fall!