Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hard Candy Lollypops & Haunted House Cake

Hard Candy Lolly pops

2/3 cup of Kero Corn Syrup

2 cups sugar

1/4 cup of water

dash of cinn

splash of vanilla

( lolly pop sticks)

Put all in a pot and simmer until candy thermometer reads 300- 325, very carefully drop spoonfuls of the hot liquid onto PARCHMENT PAPER ( wax paper will NOT WORK) ..work quickly and add sticks and sprinkles.. Let cool..

Haunted House Cake
There was no real recipe' for this cake. The house was made by cooking a thin layer of Brownie mix on a cookie sheet. I baked the brownie till crisp, then carefully cut out the house shape.
I used the lolly pop hard candy recipe to fill in the windows and door..
The cake was made with two boxed chocolate cake mixes. Using icing I attached hershey bar steps and shutters, and sunflower seed shingles. I sprinkled cake crumbs on top of frosted cake and stuck in a few twigs ( trees) ~ The kids LOVED it!