Saturday, January 24, 2015


Making progress...

This job...   
is a big one!!

As you can see... things are moving along.

I packed up all of the unwanted junk cluttering the steps and shelves,
  Yes ~ there was a "closet shelf thingy" at the bottom of the steps underneath of that mess.
I tore it out and got to work sanding and painting the walls and steps.

The steps are huge,
I didn't realize how big they were! 
And the bright colors really make them pop.
See the door hanging on the wall..  
I stole that from the basement laundry room.  
I haven't quite got to that point yet.. 
 but soon I will add photos and pretty things to it.

Moving up..  

Ha!  you thought those steps were bad..
You haven't seen nothin yet!!

As if the attic isn't already creepy.
This freaked me out yesterday. 
Remember the fly seen in the Amittyville horror? 

First there was one fly..  then two..
and then four !!

Where did they come from!!!

This is what I've been working on for the past few days.

This junky corner now looks like this..

I chose a few different shades of teal for the wall color
and a cloudy sky printed wall paper for the ceiling.

The reason that I chose to wallpaper the ceiling is because the ceiling is a hot mess.
Someone must have painted over peeling wallpaper at some point
 and I can not get it off!!!   
So.. to save myself more work,  I am just covering it all up. 

The last thing on my list is a chair-rail to separate the wall and ceiling.

As for the rest of the room.. 
Ohhhh boy.
(You see why I am covering that ceiling up)

 I've slowly managed to sort and organize 
(aka get rid of)
most of the stuff in the back of the room.

Today I took one of the beds down and cleaned out everything that was underneath of it.
Tomorrow I will take the other bed apart,  paint and decide if I am going to keep both beds or get ride of one.
I'm still undecided.

Have I mentioned that I am exhausted.

Be back soon.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs from Baltimore.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A beautiful simple life

Life is beautiful when it's simple.   I am learning that more and more each day.  

 I've been cleaning up my life...  and I gotta say,  Changing me ~ it's a tough yet amazing journey.

Body, mind and surroundings,  it's all a work in progress.


For a few weeks I've been working out with a guy who... I like to joke, is trying to kill me.

  "Come on Soldier,  You can do it!"   I want to cry and my arms tremble against the weight as he encourages me to work harder.  I am aware of every aching muscle in my body..  oddly enough,  it feels good.  It feels good to know that I am taking care of me.   Each morning I wake up trying to think of a good excuse not to go...  and each morning I find myself back there taking orders from a guy that looks like a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.  I am doing it.. building up my strength for the foundation toward a better me.

I've even traded in my daily super sized diet soda for countless quarts of water.

For a few months I've been cleaning up my mind.  Letting go of the past and purging away the things that aren't relevant in my life. A lot of positive intentions and countless teary eyed late night conversations with god..  I let go of the baggage and the guilt and found my spirit again.  A spirit that is whole, loving, happy and simple.   A spirit that no longer dwells on regrets...  but basks in the joy of each moment.

How does that saying go?   Clear the mind and the rest will follow. 

The rest is following...   and this job, simplifying my surroundings,  is proving to be more fulfilling then I would have ever expected.   closets, clothes, cabinets, drawers..  they've all been thinned out and organized.   This old house is big...  (at least it is when I have to clean it).   There are two floors in this house that go wasted.  The basement and the attic.   Since we paid our house off a few months ago,  we look at it differently.  It's ours.  For as long or little that we choose to stay here..  It belongs to us.   It's a great feeling.  It's made us want to utilize all of the great space that we have. 

While the man has claimed the basement...   I have finally started to task of converting the attic into a functional living space.   It's been a closet for 20+ years now.  

Crazy enough..  I don't feel those emotional attachments to things that I used to have.  They gotta go!

It's all part of cleaning up my life... 

 time to get rid of stuff to make room for moments.  

 This is where I'll be..  simplifying my life while turning this space into an amazing room. 

of course,  I plan to bring you all along  ~  I can't wait to show you the changes.

Hope that you all are living that simple beautiful life... 

 letting go of the things that are weighing you down  ~  it's an amazing feeling. 

As I leave you..   I want to share my youngest daughter's beautiful voice.    I could listen to her sing all day long..   Oh wait ~  I do!  : )

Have a wonderful day friends.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This winter is already feeling looooong.
Grey, cold, and yucky.
It is feeling especially long since I am staring at the paddle board that has not touched water yet.
I can not wait to get up and cruise the harbor here in Baltimore.

Close your eyes for a moment..  
Feel the sunshine on your face and listen as the water laps the shore.

We have got to move to a warmer climate soon!!

While I dream of spring and wait out this cold Maryland weather
I am cheering the house up with reds and pinks.
Yes friends.. It's time for Valentines.

Hearts shimmer from the branches above..

and more hearts are tucked in all over the house.

I've got my Valentine Card party date set for a few weeks from now.
I wish you all could join us ...
We always have a great time making cards for the children's hospitals
If you would like to join the fun.. 
 Melinda at Country Dreaming does a wonderful job hosting this event.

Hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday.
Stay warm!!

I'll be here looking at my board and longing for the day that I can take it out!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Phew.. two more down

Mama is on a roll!!

Craft nook ~  Done!

 I picked these shelves up at target last week
one was intended for my closet but I ended up needing it here more.

Everything has been thinned out and each bin and drawer neatly organized.

One of my favorite things that grace the shelves is this old photo of my girls..
such sweet little faces!!!!

I've got my romance manuscripts handy and ready to work on.
There are about 600 pages in that white binder that need to be edited and finished before this year ends.

Sheeeesh...  one job down!!!


Before all of my secrets come out of the closet and you get the wrong idea...
I am always cleaning.
I just don't tend to spend to much time on the stuff that people can't see.
Like cupboards, drawers, closets and basements.. 

And also..
I promise you

I swear!

Having said that..
all of this stuff came out of one little closet.

This was a job that I have been dreading for a while years.
I find my closet overwhelming
So..  I just close the door and ignore it for a while.
Or until I need that one shoe that is buried on the bottom somewhere.

First thing I did was start pulling everything out.
Piles and piles of shoes, purses, clothes, scarves, and more shoes and purses and scarves.
I'm starting to see a pattern here. 
I think I like shoes and purses and scarves.

Once everything was out and I nearly killed myself tripping over everything
(Ok.. I'm exaggerating ~I only fell once and twisted my ankle twice.)
I realized that there was a lot of wasted space above the rod where the clothes hang.

And that rod, by the way,  is a peace of crap.
No wonder the hangers always fell off..  It's a fence post.
and yes, guilty again.. it came with the house 30 years ago.

 Leaving my bedroom a huge disaster, 
 I was off to my favorite store,  Home depot,  in search of new rods.
I bought two,   the first one hung close to the ceiling and the 2nd midway down.

I also picked up these colorful Martha Stewart bins for small accessories.
scarves, swimsuits, purses and hats, gloves and mittens

  keep, trash, goodwill ~  that was my method.

 I told myself that I didn't need any more then 10.
10 pair of shoes..  10 purses..  10 sweaters..   

I ended up with 2 bags of garbage
and this stuff for the goodwill.

Of course I had to keep the hot pink leather jacket and the faux leopard print coat

and all of my trade mark polka dots!  : )

Cue the white christmas lights.. 

The closet is clean and organized!!

And holy cow.. 
I can actually open the door all of the way!!  : )

Happy Organizing friends.

My next target..  the cupboards.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year

Happy New Year Friends!!!!!

I know... it's the first day of the new year and I am pushing it with the heart header.
Call it me getting a head start as I attempt to catch up on my blogging.

It's been a busy last week of December.. 
entertaining, cleaning, dinner dates, organizing, shopping...
you know how it goes.
I did manage to get two rooms cleaned and back to normal
and I am still working on the basement, living room and porch.
Currently I am organizing my craft nook ~  yikes!!!
I swear, it's never ending.

Last week I made a few little changes to the kitchen..
and wow ~  did they make a big impact!
I've been wanting to trade out the kitchen table for an island for a while 
but, since we eat together at that table,  I've always been to afraid to do it.

Here is the kitchen back in the fall...

and here it is now with the island.

It doesn't look like it,  but it really brightens up the room and gives us a ton more space.

Lots more space to bake these pineapple upside down cake bars

 I've had that island for a while,
 My mother in law gave it to us a few years ago
and I've been using it out in my craft room as a work table.
( needless to say, since I stole it from the porch..  my craft area is a mess!
Hence the reason I am cleaning it out now )

The only thing that I had to buy were the $60.00 stools from IKEA.
and of course, I couldn't leave IKEA without that cute little rug.

The first thing that Paul said when he saw it was that he could see us,
two old people sitting there together having breakfast.  
I like that idea.
a lot!

Now that we can't all sit together in the kitchen, 
 we are forced to make use out of that beautiful dining room table.
The only time we ever have dinner there is on holidays!!

Speaking of the dining room...
She is all dressed up for winter.

 I added some snowflakes and icicles to the branches...
They give off such a nice light at night..  I'm gonna leave them up all winter long.

I love this time of the new year when we are in cleaning are organizing mode.
The end of the holiday season always marks the beginning of the season of me wanting to build stuff and redo everything.  I get a little crazy.  : )

One thing is certain ~ 2015 is starting with a well organized house!!

I didn't make any resolutions for 2015
but I did make a few easy goals for myself.

3 goals.

Organize this house, 
Drink more water 
write more often

Easy enough. 

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy 2015!!!!
Thank you for hanging tough with me through the roller coaster of 2014.

Monday, December 22, 2014

catching up with a win, a birthday and christmas

Good morning friends.
Happy Monday!
Happy Christmas eve eve eve.

Is everyone ready for the big day?
The spoonful house is ready.
The menu is complete, gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the stocking are filled ..
Now we wait. 

Since I am so far behind in my blogging I'm gonna load this post full of pictures.
I have lots of catching up to do.

The first thing that I want to share with you is the beautiful gift that I received from my friend Diane over at The checked apple.
Weeks ago, Diane hosted a lovely give away for one of her hand painted beauties and I won.

isn't it a charm!

If you get a moment, stop by and say hello to Diane.
Her blog and decor is always gorgeous.


 Next..  Birthday fun.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.
43 is going to be a great year.

As if knowing that I have have his love and support weren't enough,
Paul completely spoiled me. 
He gave me the greatest gift of a night out.

Since we were sick on my birthday,  
we celebrated a few days later with a night spent at our favorite hotel downtown.
(Just 10 minutes away from home and our girls)

As much as I miss having little people around the house..
I love this stage that we're in now.
Paul and I date again and it is so much fun.

We checked in to our room,
  went out for a delicious dinner on the water front, did some shopping, strolled the harbor, went to a few  night spots in the city and we were back, enjoying a drink in our window by midnight.

I take the worst selfies... 
but this polka dotted coat makes up for it!!!!
Isn't it adorable!

Those who know me
know that I loooove Tequila!!!!

It was a perfect night.

With an impending to-do list and a delivery scheduled for the early morning,
we were back home and settled in by 9am. 

The delivery...  wonder what it was?
let me just say that this is going to be the longest winter ever!

Paul spoiled me even more with this beautiful paddle board.
Even the boys were excited!!!
As soon as the weather breaks.. 
You know where I'll be!!!

I am so grateful for this man and everything that he does for me.
I really don't require anything but his love.
...although this board is pretty AMAZING!


I'll leave you with a few more random pictures from around the house..  

Merry Christmas dear friends.
Love you all.