Sunday, May 17, 2015

Black Eyed Susan and Kentucky Hot Brown ~ Preakness dinner

Maryland is known for our Black Eyed Susan's..
It's our state flower and it is also the official beverage of the Preakness.
In the spirit of yesterdays big Preakness race
I made myself a batch of Black Eyed Susan's to take out on the boat.

As I am battling this nasty head cold,
Chock full of Vitamin C and Vodka ...
this was the peeeeerfect drink!
So refreshing!!

There are a few varieties of the Black Eyed Susan..
the recipe that I follow is below.
(except that I add a little bit of grenadine syrup)
Our Preakness dinner was one that I usually make for the Kentucky derby,
The Kentucky Hot Brown.

Thick Italian bread, turkey, tomatoes, bacon and a creamy parmesan cheese sauce that will melt in your mouth.
Sooo good. 

Step by step instructions can be found on an old blog post  here
I hope that you all had a great weekend.   I've been trying to fight through this cold... I think the worst is over.     Although I am moving a little slow today.   I started this post at 6am this morning,  and it is now 8:45pm.     sheeeesh.  : ) 
Have a great new week.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Making the best of it

What do you do when mother nature throws you a lemon..
You hold hands and enjoy the beautiful weather while strolling through the park with your little dog.

It's gorgeous outside,  I know that you guys are wondering why I would call it a lemon.

well...  Our intentions were to enjoy the view from the water,
but the tide was so low that we couldn't launch our boat . 

You know... you learn to make the best of it.
I had just as much fun hanging out in the park.
Later we came home,  grilled some bbq beef and shrimp Kabobs and spent the rest of the day outside.

Pauls been on vacation all week and the weather has not cooperated.
All he wants to do is get that boat out! 
We're planning a little boat trip this morning...
and crazy enough I woke up with a clogged head, stuffy nose and a sore throat.
I'm not even gonna tell him that I feel yucky.   : )
I started a new project this week...
Power tools!!!!! 

Ever since I stripped and stained that cabinet in the dining room,
I have had this idea that I would also do the French doors in the living room.

Like everything else in this house..
there are a billion coats of paint on these doors.

I first had to use the heat gun ...  which is awesome by the way.
Once you heat it up,  with a little elbow grease, the paint just peels off.
Sanding it down is the easy part.
I painted the inside of the window trim black because there is no way that I can sand it without messing up the glass. 
Plus.. it's easier.

In one day I had both sides of the door almost finished.
Staining it...  that's the fun part!!

Of course,  I hung it back up before it was finished..
(I still need to work on the windows and put another coat of stain on it.)
I couldn't wait to see how it would look.
Just 3 more doors to go!!!!!  

As for this day...
I'm going to sit here in the kitchen, consume more coffee and try to clear this head up.
It's Preakness day in Baltimore...
So I was thinking about making some Black-eyed Susan cocktails to take out on the boat.
That should help with this headcold!!  : )

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for hanging with me during my "dry" blogging spells.
Peace, Love and Sunshine!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Make a wish

Along with lilac scented breezes, lingering sunshine
 and the reminder that those long summer days are soon to come,
Spring time brings wishes...
an infinite abundance of wishes.
As the possibilities are endless,
what does one wish for when their wishes could go on forever?

I'd wish for a million!!
 a million more days spent laughing with this man.
I'd wish my girls the greatest love and happiness imaginable
and I'd wish for all of their dreams to come true.
I'd wish that they will be grounded by faith, and always be safe and healthy.
I'd wish for peace in my city and for the BCPD.

#We see you!
#All lives matter.

 I'd wish for peaceful sunny days and calm flat waters.
I'd wish to have eyes to see the beauty of a cloudy day.
I'd wish that this little boo boo will be in my life for many years to come.
Forever would be nice.
I'd wish that our little house is always filled with love and laughter.

I'd wish for patience, good health, forgiveness, perseverance, and discipline.
and I'd wish for peace and love to all of you.
Happy Mothers Day.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a wild ride

Hello beautiful people!
I miss you!!
Spring is in the air and we've been having a good time hanging on the water and working around the house.    We've got so much to do outside.
I finally got my board wet a few weeks ago and it was amazing.
Clumsy me... 
I was really tempting it as I  balanced that cup of coffee and myself on the board for the first time in almost 6 months...
   Not falling into that cold water was quite an accomplishment!

The day was beautiful..
Half of the time I just sat on the board soaking up the silence and the sunshine.

Since that day,  I've been out on the water a few times
and we even took the boat out already. 
Paul was smiling for days afterward! 

The water is still to cold to get in so we took the Kayak in to sit on the beach with some friends and have lunch.   Moments like those are what we live for.

We've also been working...
In between giving the deck and back yard a makeover,
I've been trying to keep rolling on my writing.
Although it's really hard to focus when I know that I have so much to do around the house.
It's been a tough time for the critters in our house.
Having pets is wonderful..
but so heart breaking when they are sick or in pain.

Tomorrow will make two weeks since Pearl, our dove, was injured in a terrible accident.
Michelle who just turned 24 at the beginning of the month has had Pearl since she was 8 years old.
This bird is her whole life,  so when she tripped and stepped on him while they were playing,  she was beyond heart broken.     It was ugly!
We rushed him to the pet ER where a bird vet was waiting to treat him.
I honestly didn't think he was gonna make it.
He suffered a broken clavicle and a broken collarbone and after two weeks and two trips back and forth to the emergency vet,   he is doing wonderful!!!!
He's eating, cooing, laughing and playing with his toys again.
I can't believe it!!!
( he's not allowed to fly for another 4 weeks.)
And then there's this girl...
The love of my life.
Looking at her ride the skateboard yesterday,
you would never guess that she's at risk of losing her front left leg.

Trust me..  I wasn't expecting that news either!!!
Darla has a tumor growing on her arm/armpit and the only way to insure that the cells from the tumor don't spread to her organs is to cut a large/deep area while removing tumor.
Unfortunately, because of the location,  that would mean amputating her leg.
My poor 11 years old, I just can't do that to her!
She would hate me.
After much thought,  we are going with option #2,
 which is to remove part of the tumor and hope that it doesn't spread faster then she ages. 
My little boo boo still has a lot of boating and paddle boarding to do this summer!
Keep our little babies in your prayers.  : )
That's what you've been missing.  
It's been wild.
I hope that you all are well and enjoying this gorgeous weather.
Have a great weekend ..  see you soon.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chicken soup for the cold and weary, kidney stoned soul

It's a total chicken soup and fuzzy socks kinda day here in Baltimore. 
A few months ago I would celebrate the gently falling snow that I can see out of the window,
Today however, I curse it.  GO AWAY!!!
Even my girls are sick of it.

It's sooo cold outside.
So yes..  chicken soup, pajama's and a warm blanket are my friends today.
Let me tell you what's been going on around here these last few weeks.
For about a month now I've been feeling pretty lousy.
My bladder felt like it was literally going to fall out. 
 It hurt to stand, sit, sleep and most of all it hurt to pee.
 Lord did it hurt!!!
( it's weird talking about that on the blogs..  but we all do it)
My first thought was kidney stone but I didn't have any of the normal stone symptoms.
No kidney pain.  No backache. No fever.  Nothing.
I've been going crazy, running back and forth to doctor appointments as they tried to figure it out.
Since I had all of the symptoms of a bladder infection ~  I was treated with heavy doses of antibiotics that made me sick for days.
Thank god for Paul who is always so kind and nurturing when I'm feeling bad..  
As usual, he took good care of me. 
 Driving me to my appointments, snuggling under the blanket, taking me to lunches, and of course..  keeping me laughing in the midst of stressing out.
He is my rock.
On the eve before a scheduled visit with the urologist the pain had stopped.
Like the miracle that I've been praying for..
it was gone. 
The calm before the storm.
Without sharing all of the gory details... 
 I passed an unexpected kidney stone that night. 
I was shocked.
Unfortunately, afterwards..  the pressure and bladder pain came back ten fold. 
Worse then ever..
and then I couldn't pee at all.
Suspecting that there were more stones,
I drank a pint of water before bed and laid awake all night long.
In the morning I had my nifty little stone strainer ready... 
I still couldn't pee.
I drank more water,  went out and met my girlfriend for coffee,  came home and drank more water..
I felt like a tick ready to pop!!!
and then all of the sudden THIS happened.

Holy cow !!!!!!!
I scared Paul to death as I was shouting.. 
It wasn't from pain,  oddly enough,  it didn't hurt that bad.
I was shouting because of the shock of the size.
 I took the stone to my urologist later that afternoon and even he couldn't believe that I had passed a stone so large.      There are a lot of tests that I will be undergoing these next few weeks to try to stop the build up of these stones.   I have Sponge Kidneys which makes them more susceptible to forming stones.  I also have an appointment with the Nephrologist ( kidney specialist) to try to get these kidneys working as they should be.     The main thing right now is.. 
water. water. water.
Bye diet coke.  
 I love you!
Needless to say,  in the midst of all of this,  I haven't done much of anything.
Now that I am feeling better I am looking forward to attacking some projects.
 hopefully we'll start having nice weather soon!! 
Wishing you all a great Easter week.
Happy Palm Sunday.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday.
Have a wonderful new week. 

John 3:14-21
 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,  that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.
 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.  Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.  But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

Monday, March 9, 2015

A little fun in the dining room

Good Morning Friends.
Happy Monday!!!!
I'm up with the birds..  I'm up before the birds, again.
Me & sleep ~  not friends. 
 Wasn't it great having that extra hour of sun light?
It was so nice having dinner in the daylight.
I snapped a few pictures in the dining room as the sun was slowly setting yesterday.
I love the evening hue,  it's calm and peaceful.
It reminds me of those long slow summer days that I love best.
I added a few new things to the room.
Did you notice the plates?
Yes,  that is our boat.
How freaken cool is that!!!!
I ordered them on Zazzle,  and while I plan to get full sized dinner plates,
I wanted to see how it turned out on paper first.
Of course, Paul loves them!  

The wall above the stove is still a work in progress.

I ordered this picture a few weeks ago.
It's called "Revenge".
There was something about it,  the whale, the colors..  that I just loved.
I'm still adding things to my little box shelf.


And then there is this...   I hung this a few weeks ago but I haven't showed you all yet because I wasn't crazy about the colors.    Now, that I've fixed the color situation..
Go ahead and do it,  " Make Today Your Bitch!"
I look at this verse every morning while I am putting on my shoes..
Make today your bitch.
That's right..  claim it,  however you plan to spend it... own it!
  Today only happens once so make it count!

I love this room.
Decorating is so much easier for me when I don't follow a protocol. 
My house theme style is the  "If it makes you happy" theme.
Having things around that remind us of who we are and where we've been..
that's what makes me smile when I enter a room.
Time to get dressed and make today my bitch.
Have a wonderful Monday friends.
Enjoy that extra hour of sunlight.