Thursday, February 18, 2016

The creepy back room

 While I was already on a roll in the basement,
I ventured in to the creepy back room.
I have no other words for this room except for..
This is a space that I would never enter.
simply said,  I just creeps me out.
There is 30 years worth of crap stuffed back there..
and who knows what kinds of creatures live in there.

Sporting some thick gloves, a bottle of tequila and a box of garbage bags,
I fell elbow deep into this mess.
Ok.. so I didn't really have the tequila,  but I wanted some.
Honestly..  although the table was piled with parts, and tools, and home repair supplies,
I pretty much emptied the whole thing into the trash.
It's like the closet rule,  if I haven't worn it in a year..  it's gone.
If we haven't used it in 20 years..  it's gone!
I couldn't believe it...  In less then 2 hours I was ready to slap some paint on the walls.
And for the record,  in the 26 years that I have lived here,  I've never seen the surface of that table.
or under it!

After I got some paint on the walls,  I hung some pegboard 

filling it was the fun part!
Once the pegboard was filled,  I finished painting the walls, ceiling and floor.
Then came the best part.
To give it an industrial look,
I painted some large chipboard letters with copper and silver spray paint and hung them on the concrete wall using industrial strength Velcro.
( works like a charm)


When the weather breaks I am going to take the stools outside and spray paint them.
What color?  I have no idea yet.

Once the room was finished there was just one more tiny thing to do.

And that was to add a little mouse door..
because all creepy back rooms need a mouse door.

Oh,  and you'll never believe this, 
the whole time I was cleaning I did not see one spider, centipede or scary pincher bug. 
I have officially run out of rooms to purge.
What a great feeling!
Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Nascar room Valentines gift

This year we did things a little differently for Valentines day.
No candy.  No flowers.  Not even a card.
Crazy enough... I was OK with that!
While Paul ordered me a season pass for the park where I launch my paddleboard,
I gave him the gift of space.
His very own space.
Our basement is broken up into a few rooms.
The laundry room.
The creepy utility room.
My side.
His side.

"My side"
 It's organized and contains all of my holiday decorations. 
( mostly Halloween!!)
I have to keep it neat since it is the pathway to the laundry room.
I put the new floor down last year,
  it's just those cheap sticky tiles but they made a world of difference.

BTW,   these clear storage bins and shelving unit have changed my life!!!

"His side"

Need I really say anything more? 

What is with men and their junk?
His space,  like the house next door, is bringing down the value of my space!

Although I kept bugging him to clean it up,  I knew that if I wanted it done in this decade that I was going to have to dive in and clean it myself.
So that's what I did .
 and that would be his Valentines gift.

I started in this corner and worked my way around.
Trash,  Goodwill,  Keep.
and let me tell you,  the keep pile was the smallest!

Hoping to hide imperfections and brighten things up,
I picked a grey paint for the ceiling and bright white for the walls.

The grey paint worked wonders on the dirty water stained ceiling.

There's a fireplace hidden in this dark room!

Feeling brighter already!! 

I made a little shelf to hang along the top of the wall .

Just wide enough to hold Paul's international beer collection.

I decided to just paint the old floor with the same grey paint that I used on the ceiling.
For now...    until I find a carpet that will be suitable.

As you can see,  I hung his favorite Rusty Wallace light on the fireplace
and filled the mantle space with his diecast racecars

 There are still a few minor details to work on..
but even as it is now,
He loves it!!!!

I hope that you all had a great Valentines weekend.

I also wrote a post about the Creepy Utility room that will post on Thursday.
Just wait until you see this mess!  

Have a great day!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Easy Valentine or anytime project

Happy February!
Can you believe it...   we are that much closer to spring!!
I personally can not wait for those 90' Chesapeake days.
Paddle boarding,  lunches on the boat, sand in my.... 
Meanwhile,  Paul and I are keeping ourselves occupied by creating in the garage.  We always have plenty to drink, good music, friends and a nice toasty fire going.
This is a simple project that we made in the garage a few weeks ago.
I started out by painting a piece of wood with brown and black paint
(because I didn't have any stain)
and then I painted a big pink heart on it.
I embellished the heart with a white paint pen,
Painting a ruffle trim and our initials.
Then drilled two holes, sanded the whole thing to rough it up a bit and then threaded some raffia through the holes.
I ended up going back over some of the white to brighten it up before tying on the skeleton key.
Cute huh?
Ours is hanging in the dining room where it will stay all year long.
Wishing you all a fast and wonderful February!
Later dudes


Thursday, January 28, 2016

come on in to my new old house

Come on in to my new kitchen.
Shiplap wall, new curtains and wallpaper...
My new house has been a work in progress but it is finally coming together. 

Ive got the windows all dressed up for Valentines day

and the table is set with sweet little heart shaped treats.


I think you've figured out that these are miniature scenes from my little dollhouse.
A hobby that started last spring when I started rehabbing the dollhouse that once belonged to my old neighbor.   The neighbor,  Mrs Erica,  passed away about 20 years ago and the sweet little house that her husband built for her sat vacant and abused until her son  finally threw it out on the curb for  garbage pickup.   
Or Leslie pick up!

I spent many hours cleaning, painting and replacing broken parts.

 It's been fun finding and making little things to fill the house with.
Even my friends join in the fun finding little treasures.
Of course I had a great time during the holidays too.

 This week,  while my neighbors were preparing for the big blizzard by shopping for bread and milk,
I was out buying myself a small jig saw.
I had to perfect project to keep my busy while we were snowed in.
Since my family are convinced that I am out of control and that our house will be filled with dollhouses  ~  they said that I am not allowed to have more then 1.
Well...   then this one needs more room!!
I was planning to build an addition on the little old house.
I spent these snowy days cutting, measuring, gluing and painting.

There is even a roof top deck.

Once the addition was finished I had to make some little furniture to fill it.
What better then some nautical themed pillows and window seats. 

It turned out so nice!
I think Mrs Erica would be proud of all of the TLC her dollhouse is getting.
 There are still a few improvements that I want to make.
Upstairs, I put a tiny wall down the center to give me an extra room.
because all dollhouses need a craft studio!


Isn't it sweet!
I just want to move it!!!!
Creating and filling this house has been so much fun.
Plus,  I tend to leave the real house alone...  which makes my family happy!!!!
 Do any of you have a dollhouse?
Hope that you all enjoyed the tour.  I'll post more as I finish.
Have a wonderful day!!!!