Sunday, April 20, 2014

sink or swim

I painted this picture a few weeks ago..
While I was painting it I imagined someone happily dancing and twirling through a water puddle..

Now as I look at it..  it's actually a great summery of my life.
Someone testing the waters... trying not to fall into the deep end.

It's me.. trying to balance. 
trying to find a direction without sinking.

I am resilient..  I will not sink..
 but it will take some paddling..  lots and lots of paddling to get where i need to be.

Eventually..   as I realize that this change that this I am going through is a good thing...
 I will find myself floating again.
but it's not gonna be easy.. 
first I need to patch up the holes in my heart.

I'm gonna spend lots of extra time out here on the sun porch.
I am not going to reflect on what is missing from my life.. 
but on all that I have.
My family who loves me.

I'm gonna hang on to every soft spoken word from my husband.
I'm going to trust his promises and follow my own.
I'm going to smile when I hear my girls giggle.

I'm gonna wish my friends well..
I'm gonna hold on to my doggies
and decide if it's worth moving forward or taking a step back.

Regardless of where this new road takes me..
I'm gonna swim
and with this family by my side..
I'm gonna get the medal.


Saturday, April 19, 2014



Changes happen every day in this life.. 
 every step you take leads to something else.
Even on days when I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over,
something changes.

Sometimes change is good,
 For me...  most times I am afraid of changes
 because they lead to heart ache and uncertainties.

I like the settled safe comfortable feeling...

I am not feeling settled, safe or comfortable.
I feel like chaos..  like my life is spiraling and crashing,
and I can't find a safe place to land.
 I need change.
While I have been preoccupied in  finding myself..
changing myself....
I have lost interest in a lot of the things that I love.
I need to change that.
 I need to work on finding that grounded comfortable feeling again..
I'm just not sure where to look for it.

Is it in the kitchen...  with pie crusts and mixing bowls?
Maybe it's here on the blogs...  where I am always inspired by you lovelies?
 Perhaps I need to find a new job with new hours and new friends?
Maybe I should take some more piano classes or maybe even get a bike?
Is it in the pages of the romance novel that I have yet to finish writing?
 How about a puppy..  just maybe I'll find it in a puppy.
What if I paint a picture..  better yet,  what if I paint the kitchen cabinets?

I realize while writing this that one thing that I need to change is how I value my time.
I spend so much time focused on inconsequential things that I forgot to focus on what was really important.
Time to listen.
Time to share.
Time to change.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



What fun is having an herb garden
If you can't spice it up a bit!!

Have a happy Thursday Everyone!

: )

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a selfie post

Hi guys..  remember me ,  Leslie?
I did it again...   Not on purpose, I swear...  there are just a million things happening in my life.

Since I haven't really done anything creative 
I am going to share something else with you.
Something that has made me very happy.

I don't do pictures...  
 I am not photogenic at all,  which is why you hardly see my face in the blog.
Except for this post..  where I am going to share some of my Unfavorites.

Here i am...   I've been doing the brunette thing for about a year.
 This is Paul and I back last Spring.
(He's got a cute twinkle in his eyes..  prolly up to no good!)

And this one... I was trying to rock a side-pony and skull shirt.

And how about this one ... 
Taken this week- one year ago while getting my one and ONLY painful tatoo.
I know that we don't generally talk about this stuff on our blogs..
but whats up with those boobs?
Where did they even come from?

And this is my scale after a 4lb weight loss.
I was so excited to be back under 165!!!

Some of you know where I am going with this post...
It started when I took that new position at work and started to move more.
aka.. run around like a crazy person!
I though that I had moved a lot before..
 ( obviously a 60 minute workout rotated with a happy meal every couple of days was not enough for me)

Since July,  I am in constant motion and I hardly have time to make junk.. let alone eat it.
Not only has the job itself been rewarding..  but the benefits that it has had on my body has been wonderful.
My back hardly hurts..  my achy knees never hurt...  and I feel amazing!

This is my scale yesterday.

 These are my old size 12 work pants.

 and these are my new favorite comfy jeans.

After all of that hard work...
It was time for a makeover.

A new fresh cut to make me look as good as I feel..

 Ta Da!

 When people ask me how i did it.. 
It's hard to answer..   I wasn't planning to drop 32 pounds.

Just move more and cut out the junk
and trust me, once you.start feeling good about yourself again..
it comes easy!

I miss you all!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Card Shower

Happy Sunday!!

For several years now
it's been a tradition around here to make Valentines Day Cards for the kids in the Children's Hospitals.

It is a fun event that my friend Melinda at Country dreaming started with a Card Shower blog party..
The cards sent to Melinda go to the Kansas City Children's hospital.

We normally make enough cards to send to Melinda and  to the local hospital here in Baltimore.

This year,  obstacles and busy schedules made it tough to find time to create some cards.
So.. once again, we recruited some help.

Help from some little family members and help from good friends.
The Card shower started with some heart shaped lunch

and lots of pink treats!

A small group of girl friends,  some apple moonshine, sangria , scissors, paper, glue,
 and most importantly...  girl talk!

A little Thank You for these lovely ladies
 who took time out of their busy schedules to help out at the last minute.
I really appreciate their help and friendships.

And here are just some of the cards that we ended up with!
It's quite a loot!

These girls are just to creative!

They are all so adorable!

The Kansas City cards are all boxed up and ready to go..
Of course,  I can't forget to send Melinda a little something for all of the trouble that she goes through
putting this event together.
Thank you, Melinda (and Mr Ken)!!!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy February

Happy February!!!

Can you believe it..  February,  
Winter is almost half way over!!

4 more months and we'll be out on the water!  

Do you have any big plans for February or Valentines day?

We haven't made any Valentines plans yet.
 I'm pretty sure that both Paul and I are working that day
so I'm not going to plan anything fancy..
  I was thinking that I would surprise him with some yummy seafood.
 Steamed crabs sounds good!

I'm saving up for his birthday in May.. 
I am planning a surprise that he will love!!!
I will tell you more about it when it gets closer.
What I can tell you is that it will make him..
happy, happy, happy!

As for the rest of February...   

I am definitely going to bake some Valentines fun... That's a given!

The color of that book case below is my favorite color ....  
 I keep looking at it thinking.. 
 I wonder what the kitchen cabinets would look like in that gorgeous color? 
Hmmm... something to think about.
Meanwhile,  One of my missions in February is to find a tall bookcase like this one.

How about this.. a real challenge for February ~
No fast food for the month!  
That's a goal...  obtainable?  we'll see!

Lastly,  clean out and organize those dangerous kitchen cabinets.
It's a bowl/lid avalanche every time you open the doors.

I skipped the painting part of my to do list because I was so excited to start it
that i did it the other day. 
 I love hot air balloons!!!

Once I get started on a project I just can't stop!

The balloon painting is for a friend.
A lady who listens, offers advice and is sometimes my voice of reason.

Sometimes, we meet and make the most unlikely friendships..
Those are usually the ones that last.
This is my way of saying Thank you.

The other painting is one that  I did Yesterday..

And this one is a gift to another friend who is retiring from the coal yard in a few days.
 Although, he will probably not want to see coal for a very long time... 
I wanted to share with him one final sunset.

I wish you all a Fabulous February!!!
 Stay Warm.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mini post ~ pillow redo

So..  If you haven't already figured it out..
I have a confession to make.

I have a pillow fetish!

It's true.
   For me,  throw pillows are the quickest and ( lets not forgot my love for instant gratification) ..
the EASIEST way to freshen up the decor.

Our living room was in desperate need of some freshening up!

So it was either paint the walls and rearrange all of the furniture.. 
Or shop for new pillows.

Shopping is way more fun.

I scored on the first stop..    TJ Max.
oh my god.. I love that store!!

The first thing that caught my eye were the paisley printed pillows.
I love paisley..  
Hey, I grew up in the 80's ~  don't judge me! 

For whatever reason..  
 These goldish yellow pillows aren't a color that I would generally look at.
Normally.. I would just pass it right by.

I'm so glad that they called out to me..... 

Pick me!  Pick me!

I love them!  
Really Really love them.

This room is crazy with color.. 
 I'm a little crazy with the bunting..
and Sharky the photo bomber ..well , he's just a little crazy, period!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!